I am never going to catch up.

So instead of trying to figure out how to get through everything since I last blogged, my summer so far in photos.

The summer so far, part 1

Row 1: Cadence Sock in Plucky Feet Lollipop Guild; Ziggy; Thalia shawl in my first Plucky Knitter purchase (from July 2007).

Row 2: Book club, celebrating National Donut Day, Monkey Socks out of Dyeabolical Sock Flat in a OOAK color I’m calling Polyjuice Potion

Row 3: Eddie Izzard at the Fox Theater with Mindy, Eric, & Andrea; Fiona Falafel; Granny Square Flower Cowl in Plucky Sweater (Lollipop Guild, Headboard, Wintry Mix)

The summer so far, part 2

Row 1: Making the Downton Chickens happy while house & petsitting for Mindy & Eric; birthday yarn purchase from Lamby Toes; THE KING sandwich from Fozzie’s – peanut butter, banana, and bacon.

Row 2: Re-reading Harry Potter again; birthday treats at knit group; celebratin’ the 4th & my birthday.

Row 3: Finished Glacier Point shawl in Queens County Yarn Sock; taking care of the mischievous Mr. Boots Willoughby while Grace was out of town; the highlighter scarf returns and will be finished SOMEDAY SOON.

Whew. All caught up.


summer stretching on the grass

I am done with summer. Seriously, over it. The heat, the humidity, the oppressive feel of the air the moment  you walk outside… ugh. It almost makes a girl want to move to Alaska just to get away. Almost.

The most annoying thing about THIS summer has not been the heat or humidity, though. Sure, that’s annoying, but it’s nothing compared to my summer wardrobe.

T-shirts. Polos. 2 pair of capri pants that only match certain things in my closet. 1 pair of capri pants that match a lot of things, but are much to big for me to actually wear.* There are many items in my closet waiting for the time when I lose that 20 pounds I gained back. Things that fit last summer, but don’t anymore.

I long for fall and winter. I love the sweaters, jeans, boots, layers upon layers of warm, snuggly clothing when it dips just below freezing here. Sweaters hold up to my lifestyle better than t-shirts. Jeans are my favorite clothing item in the world, especially when I can find a good pair to wear.**

It’s weird, but Fall and early winter are my season. I feel better about myself during that time of the year. It’s just easier to dress nicer. I look more professional at work, I look better when I’m out. It’s just…better. And the anticipation of cooler weather hits every year about this time.

I’m done with summer. I’m ready to break out the sweaters & scarves. I’m a knitter, it’s what I do.

*We aren’t even going to talk about the situation with my underthings.

**I am still angry that Lane Bryant changed to this “right fit” crap for their pants and jeans. None of them actually fit me well. There’s either too much room in the waist, too much room in the hips, too much room in the booty.