So, 2 years since my last post?

Close enough. Do people still read blogs now?

I’ve been running. Kind of. It’s mostly walking, really. And here we are.

After I walked like 4 5ks in the latter half of 2015 (see last post), I did a lot of nothing in 2016. I decided I wanted to get back out there and joined up with Fleet Feet for 5k training through their No Boundaries program in January.

I’ll be honest. It was harder than I expected. I shrugged off the distance because I’ve done that before A LOT. I walk 3 miles as just part of daily life most of the time, so it was easy to just be like “eh, it’s only 3 miles”. I engaged in what I’m going to call “magical thinking” before I started. I wanted to be able to run that graduation race. I seemed to think that joining up with a training group who could help me stave off injury meant that I would actually NOT fight with injuries during training and that somehow, magically, I could become a runner in 10 weeks after having sat on my butt doing nothing for at least a year.


I struggled from day 1 with shin pain. Running slow is a lot harder than it seems. So I wound up walking most of the time (I still struggle with shin pain, but now I have exercises and stretches to help me fight it). I made it through my 10 weeks, with intervals of running here and there. In  the end, I mostly walked, but ran a bit of a 7k that was halfway through training and mostly walked, but ran a bit of our graduation 5k race in early April.


Weekly training selfies, clockwise

So now it’s been a month since we “graduated” and I’m still out there trying to get ready for the next thing on my list: 10k training starts in late July. I’m working on getting my endurance up so I’m running more than I’m walking between now and then. I also have another 3 5ks scheduled between now and then. I keep joking that I’m an overachiever, but hey, maybe this time it’ll stick.

(If you want to keep up in case I go another 2 years without posting, its best to catch me on instagram.)


She runs, runs, runs…

I’m going to take a moment to talk a little more about the whole exercise thing after last night’s workout.

I went to the gym last night determined to put in my full hour on the treadmill. As the hip has been problematic the past few months, I haven’t been doing my full speed ahead routine that I had been doing prior to going to see the amazing Dr. F, chiropractor to the stars.*

Anyway, last night I kicked up my walking speed after a quick warmup. I had been staying around 3 mph, so I decided to test myself and kicked it up to 3.2 mph, which is not that much difference, but at the same time, it is. I also decided that I would try a few running intervals just to see what I could do. I had done about one a session the last few times I’d gone, but I really wanted to push myself.

This is where it gets kind of exciting. At least for me. I had to up my running speed from 4.4 to 4.6 because 4.4 felt too slow. I only did about 3 intervals before I went back to walking for the rest of my time, but that’s a vast improvement. And you know what? I think I kind of love running. Not in the insane “I’m going to run a marathon” way.** But I just feel like I’m accomplishing something when I run. Walking is boring. Almost everybody walks. It’s how you get from Point A to Point B. But running? It’s not something that everybody does. And even though I’m just doing about 90 seconds at a time right now, it feels kind of amazing to be able to do that 90 seconds at a time.

How does my hip feel about this? Well, it feels okay. I’m still working out some of the stiffness and I’m doing a lot of work to make sure it gets stretched out and strengthened, but for the most part it does not scream at me for trying to run anymore. It’s a little sore today, but not more sore than it would be after a good workout.

Small steps, people. And someday soon I can hopefully tell you that I’ve accomplished goal 5a on my life list.

*Well, chiropractor to the Wednesday knit night crew, at least. And some other people whose names you might know.

**Although I may get to that point. WHO KNOWS.

Getting Healthy Update, Week 5

As yesterday was a holiday, I spent my time doing laundry, watching Cranford, and knitting. There was just NO TIME to write about all the cookies I consumed.

I’m not kidding about the cookies. As part of a swap I’m doing, I baked a batch of  cookies. I did a little too much quality control testing, then split the remaining cookies into 3 containers – one to send off, one is in the freezer, and one to be given away to someone else. I’m hoping the frozen ones will still be edible for the next swap mailing in a few weeks, but if not, they’re in the freezer instead of my face. So that’s good.

As for the weigh-in, down another 1.4 pounds. I thought it would be more, but I know why it isn’t. I hit the gym & was stingy with the points until Saturday night, when there was BBQ. But the reality is that there are weeks when it doesn’t matter what you do, your body thinks it needs the extra fat. Anyway, this makes the total since I started with WW 8.8 pounds. (That is 21.8 pounds total – I’m over halfway to where I was when I gained some weight back.)

YIP 324.365 Well.I did manage to hit the gym and crank out a 5k (or close to it) on Tuesday last week. Then I went again Friday and Sunday with the intention of doing the same thing, but I was hurting. As it turns out, if I can get past the 30 minute mark, I’ve worked through most of the hip pain. I did run a bit on Sunday & could have gone longer, but I managed to accidentally hit the pause or stop button while I was running. Once I slowed down, I lost the momentum I needed to keep going.

Related: I need new workout music. I need stuff that will keep me up on the treadmill & a few songs that make me want to run. Suggestions welcome.

I also added some yoga stretching to my evening routine on the nights I haven’t been to the gym. I’m thinking I may just try to do it every night, as it helps the hip A LOT and it relaxes me before bed.

The goal for this week is to crank out as much as I can on the treadmill in my 1 hour time limit (the gym has the machines set so it stops/cools you down after an hour & you can’t program it for more than that). I think that if I can just get comfortable walking for that long in the next two weeks, then I should be able to do the 10k on June 11. It’ll still be tough, but I can do it.

ain’t found a way to kill me yet

I finally made it back to the gym last night after an unplanned 1 month (maybe longer) hiatus. My goal was to complete Day 1 of the Couch to 5k program & also to feel out how my hip is going to deal with me trying to run.

People. I ran. Sure it was only for a minute at a time, but I RAN for the first time in over a year. Last time I tried to run, my hip SCREAMED at me for long periods of time during the run, after the run, before the run. I was never able to do the full minute of running, so I never got past the first week of Couch to 5k.

But yesterday? It was kind of amazing. I hit my stride in that first minute of running & almost felt like I could push it a little longer (but I didn’t). The next couple running intervals were pretty good, but by the 4th or 5th I was really feeling it – breathing really hard, heart rate way up, all that jazz. But the hip was fine with the running.

I didn’t make it quite through the whole Day 1 program – I had to cut out running in the last 5 minutes ’cause I just couldn’t catch my breath and when I got off the treadmill after a 5 minute cool down walking session, I was a little dizzy.

But I made it farther last night that I had any other time I tried the program. And when I do it again tomorrow I hope to make it through the whole thing.

breathing is the hardest thing to do

YIP 113.365 New Kicks

There has been much going on lately between the graduations, the work situation (which I am not at liberty to discuss), and my complete inability to get my nose out of a book long enough to get ANYTHING done.

While I’m enjoying my rediscovered love for reading random stuff (I’m in a bit of a fluff phase at the moment, though), I have much to do and accomplish.

Like that 5k I want to be able to run.

30 minutes. Surely I should be able to work up to running for 30 minutes in early September, right? I haven’t tried to run in over a year, at least not more than a jog across the street in traffic. And my hip? Well we’ll just have to see how that is.

I actually had big plans to start training for this on Tuesday (when I started writing this post), but life happened. Or “I got home from work & it was too hot to leave again” happened.

But I’m planning to try the Couch to 5k program again. I’m hoping that I can actually run & even crazier, I’m hoping that I like it.

Other random bits:

  • Apparently the first weekend in June is very popular for events. I’m having my graduation lunch tomorrow and many people are unable to come because they’re going to other parties/weddings/whatever. It will be great with the people who are able to come, but I’m disappointed that some more of the family members aren’t able to make it.
  • I’ve noticed lately that there is an abundance of vampire-related books. I’m not even talking series (although there are a lot of them as well), but books that look like one-offs where the writer is trying to cash in on the trend. I swear to you – I was browsing through the library eBook list today & one of the books  was “The Vampire & the Virgin”. Um, SERIOUSLY? I grow tired of the vampire related books, although I do still find the Sookie Stackhouse books entertaining.
  • I thought there was more randomness, but I am apparently too tired from staying up much too late reading to remember what it was.