I said too much again

I am in the process of baking some bread pudding. I had a loaf of stale cinnamon raisin bread and it seemed like a better idea to use it instead of just tossing the whole thing in the trash.

Once upon a time, I had an excellent recipe for bread pudding, but that has been lost. So today I went in search of a new recipe and found this one from Emeril. Since I already had raisins and cinnamon in the bread, I omitted those from the recipe. And I didn’t really measure my bread – just used up the whole loaf.

So this lovely gooey mess will soon turn into yummy and delicious bread pudding.
Gooey Bread Mixture

In other news, I’m currently attempting to be vicious with my sock yarn stash. Well, with my whole yarn stash, actually. I plan to sell what I decide I don’t need/want on ebay. I need to destash. It must be done. And destash is what I will do!

As always, your Friday shuffle:

  • Andy, You’re A Star – The Killers
  • Staring At the Sun – U2
  • Girls, Girls, Girls – Liz Phair
  • If You’re Gone – Matchbox Twenty
  • Institutionalized – Suicidal Tendencies
  • And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going – Jennifer Hudson
  • Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado & Timbaland
  • Rip Off – Ryan Adams
  • Let’s Go Crazy – Prince & The Revolution
  • My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer
  • Immortality – Pearl Jam

I got my own world to look through

I did a bit of a St. Louis Yarn Crawl today with Kathy, during which I also scored  job interview for next week. Yay!

During our yarn crawl, we hit Myers House, Kirkwood Knittery, and Knitorious. As we drove past the exit to visit The Loopy Ewe, we wished we would have arranged a little visit there, too.

I have now returned home from the yarn crawl and need to do some cleaning up. My knitting is slowly taking over my bedroom. I need to do something about that.

So, while I clean, enjoy the Labor Day Weekend shuffle:

  • Battle Flag – Lo Fidelity All Stars
  • Little Lover’s So Polite – Silversun Pickups
  • Goodbye To You – Scandal
  • Pull Shapes – the Pipettes
  • Selfless, Cold, and Composed – Ben Folds Five
  • Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
  • Better Now – Collective Soul
  • Dancing Shoes – Arctic Monkeys
  • Home – Daughtry
  • If 6 Was 9 – Tori Amos

nothing is certain except everything you know can change

It’s a dotty Friday today.

  • Today I turned in the final paper for my last class. It was a collaborative project and I think we did well. Hopefully I’ll still be saying that when the grades come in.
  • Speaking of grades, I got the grade for my other summer class – the one that nearly made me crazy. I did well. Much better than I expected. I think there was a bit of a grade curve there, but I’m okay with that.
  • I have finally discovered a love of audio books. I can “read” and do other things at the same time – like knit! I have several of the Harry Potter books in audio book format and Jim Dale does a great job reading them, so it’s a nice listen while I knit.

Since I can’t remember what else I wanted to talk about, let’s shuffle:

  1. Heretics – Andrew Bird
  2. A Time For Love – Jamie Cullum
  3. London Skies – Jamie Cullum
  4. Sweet Dreams – Patsy Cline
  5. Ch-Check It Out – Beastie Boys
  6. Train Under Water – Bright Eyes
  7. Daylight – Better Than Ezra
  8. I Can’t Wait – White Stripes
  9. It’s My Life – No Doubt
  10. Slob – Weezer

your magpies have come

Wow, so the knitting talk has been quiet ’round these parts the past week or so. That’s because I’ve been determined to finish up the Monkey socks for Sockapalooza and this morning – I finished them!
FO - Monkey!

The specifics –

Pattern is Monkey from knitty, the no purl version I saw somewhere else on the internets.

Yarn is Socks That Fit Wool Socks For Summer in Deep Purple Tonal (available here). It’s a bamboo/merino blend and very yummy.

Made for my sockapalooza pal, who has feet slightly larger than mine.

Now that these are done, I have cast on for Bellatrix.

I have so many projects in my head that I want to work on, but there’s just not enough time in the day.

Anyway, it is Friday, so time to shuffle:

  • I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to Be Nicer – The Cardigans
  • Blues in the Night – Katie Melua
  • thickfreakness – The Black Keys
  • Girls & Boys – Pet Shop Boys
  • Absolutely Nothing – Lily Allen
  • Rip Her to Shreds – Blondie
  • My Love Is Alive – Joan Osborne
  • Leaving – Josh Ritter
  • Yes, Anastasia – Tori Amos
  • Somebody To Love – Queen

we never lost control

Woo. Last day at work. Gonna be a productive one.

Or, um, something like that.

What else? I had to rip back 4 rows on my sock pal’s sock last night. Then I had my pattern 1 stitch off, so that repeat looks a little funky. Gives the sock character, right? RIGHT?

Erm, moving on…going to have tasty Thai food and drinks tonight. Sweet. Other than that, I got nothing but a desk full of stuff to try to fit in one box (how did I gather so much stuff? Seriously?) before I leave in 4 hours.

I should probably try to accomplish something while I’m here, too.

Enjoy the unemployment shuffle:

  • Wednesday – Tori Amos
  • The Man Who Sold the World – David Bowie
  • Taffy – Lisa Loeb
  • 3’s & 7’s – Queens of the Stone Age
  • So Sorry – Feist
  • Sewn – The Feeling
  • Punk Rock Girl – Dead Milkmen
  • Song For the Dumped (Japanese Version) – Ben Folds Five
  • Running Up That Hill – Purple Crush
  • Down – Owsley