About the Author

I’m a single thirtysomething who has been blogging since 2004. Or for so long that I just had to go look at my archives to see when I started.

The short bio: Knitter, music geek, cat person, former biostatistics grad student (finished summer 2010). I also know all the words to Tag Team’s  “Whoomp, There It Is!”

The long bio: I originally started the blog as a way to discuss my attempts to get into graduate school after I had sent all my applications off. Eventually, it became just about me and my life in general.

I am a self-proclaimed music geek, but not really a music snob. You will find Kelly Clarkson sitting next to the Nine Inch Nails cds in my collection. If it sounds good (to me), I like it. In addition to the music, I’m an amateur photographer, voracious reader, and knitter of socks and scarves and everything else.

You can usually find me drinking Starbucks, knitting with my people, doing the concert thing, hanging out at my LYS, reading a good book, or figuring out what to do with my free time since completing my graduate degree in Biostatistics/Epidemiology.

In September 2008 I decided to change my life by trying to get healthy and lose weight. I talk about the trials and tribulations of that decision, which includes the attempts to break off my torrid affair with my one true love – Dr. Pepper.