So, 2 years since my last post?

Close enough. Do people still read blogs now?

I’ve been running. Kind of. It’s mostly walking, really. And here we are.

After I walked like 4 5ks in the latter half of 2015 (see last post), I did a lot of nothing in 2016. I decided I wanted to get back out there and joined up with Fleet Feet for 5k training through their No Boundaries program in January.

I’ll be honest. It was harder than I expected. I shrugged off the distance because I’ve done that before A LOT. I walk 3 miles as just part of daily life most of the time, so it was easy to just be like “eh, it’s only 3 miles”. I engaged in what I’m going to call “magical thinking” before I started. I wanted to be able to run that graduation race. I seemed to think that joining up with a training group who could help me stave off injury meant that I would actually NOT fight with injuries during training and that somehow, magically, I could become a runner in 10 weeks after having sat on my butt doing nothing for at least a year.


I struggled from day 1 with shin pain. Running slow is a lot harder than it seems. So I wound up walking most of the time (I still struggle with shin pain, but now I have exercises and stretches to help me fight it). I made it through my 10 weeks, with intervals of running here and there. In  the end, I mostly walked, but ran a bit of a 7k that was halfway through training and mostly walked, but ran a bit of our graduation 5k race in early April.


Weekly training selfies, clockwise

So now it’s been a month since we “graduated” and I’m still out there trying to get ready for the next thing on my list: 10k training starts in late July. I’m working on getting my endurance up so I’m running more than I’m walking between now and then. I also have another 3 5ks scheduled between now and then. I keep joking that I’m an overachiever, but hey, maybe this time it’ll stick.

(If you want to keep up in case I go another 2 years without posting, its best to catch me on instagram.)