Yarn Harlot in St. Louis

Back in 2006, Rachel was working at Knitorious & decided to start a knit night there. I was living with Mindy at the time and we spent a lot of time hanging out at the house and knitting (and eating a lot of macaroni & cheese. I’m pretty sure we could have single handedly kept Kraft in business during those 2 years). I had also just gone through a breakup, so I needed to get out of the house & I wasn’t really going willingly. Mindy had to practically drag me out of the house (I hate meeting new people on account of being socially awkward and an introvert) and she did the legwork to find knitting groups for us to test out & one fateful Wednesday we walked over to Knitorious (which was close enough to her old house to walk to) and went to knit night. I’m not sure what it was about that first knit night, but we kept going back. And now it’s been 8 years of knit nights and friends I never would have known otherwise.

Which explains how I found myself on Tuesday night hanging out with the knitters of St. Louis at Left Bank Books for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee‘s book reading and the Knitorious pre-event reception. Of course, we talked to Stephanie for like 2 minutes & I said “we started our blogs on the same day!” and we chatted ever so briefly about that before I ran out of things to say and went all introvert and ran away.

Before I get to the reading, I have to show you Ann‘s awesome sweater. We kept joking that you could see her from space, but OMG it was bright. Awesome, but SO VERY BRIGHT.
This is essentially her own design – she took a crocheted sweater that she had started, but that just wasn’t working and transformed it into this neon work of art by knitting the sides & arms.

Anyway, after sitting for a bit and knitting, the room filled up and Stephanie came out to talk.

Yarn Harlot - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

People, she was funny. I was crying from the laughing. She told us why she can’t go back to Memphis (which is a hilarious story that involves baking soda that sounded like bacon soda). She told us about preparing for the tour and the readings, about talking to her publicist and saying that she had no idea what she’d talk about. When her publicist suggested that she READ something, Stephanie said that she spent at least 30 seconds figuring out what she should read. “Neil Gaiman? He’s pretty good. Or David Sedaris, he’s a little rough but I can make it work…” until she realized that, of course, she should read from HER book. And then she read us a story about a persistent porch dwelling skunk.

Thanks to the pre-event reception, I had my book signed early & didn’t need to wait in line for it, so no photos of me with her. But I like to think I now collect signed editions of books (I have a few from various people because I love books).

Just hanging out with the Yarn Harlot.


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  1. Awesome sauce! I’m from St. Louis AND I lived in Memphis for a couple years! Great post and I don’t think you can classify yourself as an introvert any longer! :) xo

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