Day 29/30: FO: Camptown Races & Betsey

I recently found myself in possession of two recently finished projects that did not like my neck. Apparently yak fiber is just a little too pokey for me – it was fine initially & I had no problems knitting it, but after wearing it for a little while, my neck was all kinds of itchy. Luckily, both were lovely projects that I was able to find new and loving homes for.

The first of these projects was a Camptown Races cowl. I love the colors in this one – the yarn is Plucky Knitter Traveler Sport in Hotsy Totsy (pink), Lonesome Highway (gray), and Buzz Lighter (green). The whole time I was working on it, Mindy was joking about it being her scarf and now it actually is – I gifted this one to her last week. :)


It’s a great pattern & I like the chevrons, so I may do this again for myself someday when I find myself with 3 colors of yarn I’m not sure what to do with. (project page for more info)

The second of the yakkity yak projects was also in the Plucky Knitter Traveler base, but this time in the Aran weight yarn. I knit up a Betsey shawl which turned out great. I was able to trade this one with a fellow Plucky Knitter for yarn, so yay!


This one was another great pattern & I love it as well. I’m already planning a version in brighter colors – I love that it was a giant pretty shawl and it went pretty fast because you’re using giant needles. (project page for more info)

There we have it.


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