Day 22/30: Pecan Pie for Friendsgiving

Day 16:30 Pecan Pie

I think I already mentioned that I went to a Friendsgiving feast last weekend. I decided that I would bring along a Pecan Pie because I hadn’t made one before & wanted to give it a try.

For some reason, I thought that pecan pies were hard to make. I have this memory of my mom liking them, but rarely making one, so maybe that’s where it comes from. I don’t really know – I just know that I thought this would be harder than it was.

I need to point out that I don’t make my own pie crust. It’s something I plan to conquer someday, but for now my kitchen is not big enough – I don’t have enough counter space to even roll out a little bit of pie crust, much less a piece big enough for a full sized pie. So that automatically makes pie making easier.

Anyway, I went with the recipe off the back of the Karo Corn Syrup bottle. I did a quick search online & it had good reviews, so I went with it. You can find it online here, so I won’t go repeating it. I used light corn syrup for mine.

Pecan Pie
I did not do so great getting the first piece out of the pan, but it was still tasty.

So, my first pecan pie was a success & I would definitely make this again. There’s a version I found with cranberries in it that sounds delicious. I’m also tempted by the idea of tossing some chocolate chips into the mix (thanks to a recent visit to Cracker Barrel where they had a chocolate pecan pie).


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  1. Dorie Greenspan has an awesome pecan pie recipe with bittersweet chocolate chunks and a tiny bit of espresso powder – I’ll be making it next week! I’m drooling just thinking about it.

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