Day 21/30: In the Kitchen: French Toast & Bacon Cupcakes.

Friend Siri had a birthday recently, so I brought cupcakes to knit group for her a couple Sundays ago.

She found this recipe for French Toast & Bacon Cupcakes last year, but I didn’t make them for her then. I don’t like having to watch videos where people tell me how to cook something – write it all down & I’m all over it, but post a video and I just don’t wanna.*

French Toast & Bacon Cupcakes

So instead of these, I made her banana nut muffins for her birthday last year and we were all happy. But this year I decided to give the video cupcakes a try. You can get the original instructions below.

I followed his directions, but I think something gets lost in the translastion from a British kitchen to an American kitchen. The candied bacon was amazing, but the frosting was not my favorite & the cupcakes were a bit on the dry side. The flavor was good, they just needed some tweaking. If you go right from the video, I would definitely err on the lower side of the cooking time & see if that helps.

I can see revisiting this recipe sometime when I have a little time to play around with it.

*I also don’t watch or listen to podcasts & can’t deal with audiobooks because I read faster than people talk and even my most favorite books are not immune from my wrath when it takes me 12 hours to listen to a book I can read in 2. GET TO THE POINT ALREADY.