Day 18/30: Yarn Stashdown Update


I feel like I haven’t knit all that much lately to knit down the stash, but my stash IS getting smaller. Unfortunately, it’s because I recently had a major destash to cover an unexpected vet bill.*

Knitting down the stash isn’t going so great, though. I can’t decide if I want to start something new or if I should keep working on the things that I have going on. I want to have the Dark & Stormy Sweater to wear at Christmas, but there’s still quite a lot of work to do on it. I haven’t had the motivation to work on it lately. In fact, I’ve been kind of drifting through projects since I finished my Camptown Races cowl.

Dark & Stormy
Dark & Stormy

I kind of want to start another smallish project – in fact I played around with Rachel’s random number idea today & wound up deleting 3 things from my queue without starting anything. My exception was that I didn’t want to start a sweater, so unless I went “why did I queue this?” when one came up, they stayed on the to-be-made list.

So, that’s kind of a rambly update on my knitting & the stashdown. I’m sure my regular knitting mojo will come back, hopefully during my Thanksgiving break from work (if not before).

*Ziggy seems to be doing much better, though. I have removed Greenies from their diet & that seems to have also helped his digestive system.


2 thoughts on “Day 18/30: Yarn Stashdown Update

  1. I went through something like 20 deletes before I found something I wanted to knit. It totally restarted my knitting mojo, though. 4 FOs in 5 days.

    • That’s impressive. I was also fighting the “don’t want to wind yarn” bug b/c my swift & winder are both on their last legs. REALLY need to replace them.

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