Day 17/30: Photos on a Sunday.

We had a crazy 3 minute storm run through St. Louis early this afternoon. Not much damage in my ‘hood, but I hear there was some not far from me. It seems to have moved through now (though we still have some strong winds) and has even made it through Chicago already according to twitter. So, that was exciting. Tornadoes in the fall & winter – DO NOT LIKE.

I’m not doing so great with NaPhoPoMo, though – by the time I leave work in the evenings, it’s already dark. Sadly, this means I’m taking poorly lit photos inside my apartment or catching the last rays of the sun with my phone while walking to my car. It’s…not the best. But I’m keeping on it, at least for now.

Fiona Falafel loves a basket of clothes. Unfortunately, in this case they were all clean & ready to be put away. I made the mistake of laying my coat & scarf down* when I came in from work & she snagged the scarf with her death claws.

*Related – how weird is it that I’ve had my windows open this weekend because it’s in the 60s here, but early in the week I was bundled up full on for winter. I don’t know what the folks who try to deny global warming are drinking, but I think the weather this week alone is proof of it.

Day 12:30 Feeling cruddy & already in bed for the night.
On Tuesday, I got really sick in the evening. I hopped into bed super early & then remembered that I hadn’t taken a photo yet. I decided to just snap this one instead of skipping a day.

Day 13:30 Tonight I unknit about 6 rows of sock.
Ah, knit night. Sometimes you make no mistakes, sometimes you find one 4 rows down and make a mess trying to fix it. I wound up unknitting like 6 rows of this sock while chatting with my friends.

Day 14:30 Finished the outline of the TARDIS tonight.
I’ve been working on cross stitching my Christmas Tardis lately – basically since I finished my last knitting project. I can’t decide what project I want to work on, so I stitch instead. Of course, there’s still quite a way to go on this, but it’ll get done eventually.

Day 15:30 Candy Cane Joe-Joe's!
WOO! Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s season is in full swing!

Day 16:30 Pecan Pie
I made a pecan pie! There will be more about this later – it’s my first one, so it deserves a post of it’s own.