Day 11/30: FO – Sally’s Spatterdash Mitts

These mitts came about because of two things: 1. A lovely comment from Sally about the pair I made for me and 2. Sally’s then upcoming trip to the States to visit her sister.

Spatterdash Mitts

I had planned to get up to Detroit to see her this trip, as it’s been a few years since I we last saw each other, so I decided to make Sally a pair of mitts of her own. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the trip this time, so I finished these mitts & mailed them off to her sister’s house, where they were waiting when she arrived.

Spatterdash Mitts

Sally loved the mitts & posted pictures of her wearing them on Facebook the same day she got to the States.

Spatterdash Mitts
(This is not Sally, though – I modeled them before sending them off. :D)

The pattern is the Spatterdash Mitts from Knitty, the yarn Dyeabolical Hard Twist in Themyscira, the buttons from Joann’s.

More details, as always, on my ravelry project page.

And Sally, hopefully we’ll see each other next time you’re on this side of the Atlantic.