Day 10/30: Photos from the week

This week the photos are not all from NaPhoPoMo, but a collection of ones taken throughout the week.

The sunsets this week were amazing – I caught these walking out to my car as I was leaving work, so they’re all phone shots, but I think you can get the idea:
The sky right now is all kinds of awesome.

Sunset reflected in windows
I like how the sunset reflected in these windows – this was the perfect angle to catch this (just a few steps away it had changed completely & was only boring sky, not awesome sky).

Another beautiful sunset
The same sunset from the windows. (click to embiggen & catch the full effect)

Flowers outside at work. #naphopomo
The landscapers at work recently switched the flowers over to the fall/winter ones. I love these bushy little paintbrush things. I am terrible with knowing the names of flowers, though.

New haircut!
Finally, a self portrait – I got 4 inches of hair chopped off on Saturday. My neck feels naked now.