Day 5/30

Hiding in the corner at the vets office again.

This guy, folks. I took this picture yesterday morning while we were waiting at the vet’s office. The problem? Too much cat vomit & trouble going potty.

Yes, we were just there last month for much the same issue.

I’m waiting to hear back if it’s a bacterial problem (a UTI) or not (which would suggest a bladder inflammation) & I should hear tomorrow. In the meantime, the Zigster is on another course of antibiotics & got a dose of pain meds. Hopefully we can get it all cleared up & get him taken care of.

Right now he’s chilling in the living room & he’s still a generally content cat, so he seems to be doing better. I, on the other hand, am exhausted from the time change & my attempt to get to work extra early this morning to make up the time I missed taking him to the vet. *sigh*


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