Day 3/30: Photos from NaPhoPoMo

So I think I’ll be using my Sunday posts to share photos from National Photo Posting Month. :)

Since we are only 3 days into November, there are only a few photos to share.

Camptown Races
My Camptown Races Cowl/Scarf. I finally finished this last night, including the insane 88 stitch Kitchener graft (or 176 stitches if you count the top & bottom stitches separately). I also just noticed the fur left behind by the cats. I said this on twitter last night, but a little tip: Don’t try to kitchener that many stitches near a cat. I had to wrestle the yarn away from Fiona Falafel at one point.

Day 2:30
Shortly after this picture, Ziggy went over & play-wrestled with Fiona to get her off the couch, then he stole her spot.

Caffeinate! #naphopomo
Two things: 1. The holiday flavors are in (yay!). 2. I am caffeinating to an extreme level today. I slept fine, but am still so tired today. This is my life every weekend.