NaBloPoMo: Day 2!

Most of yesterday I toyed with the idea of doing National Blog Posting Month because of course, what I need when we’re getting towards the end of a semester in grad school is a daily blog post. But I’ve also felt that my poor blog has been neglected lately & I do actually have things to share at the moment. I was still undecided when I threw up yesterday’s “In the Kitchen” post, which is why there’s no official announcement there.

Then this morning on Twitter, Rachel asked if anyone else was participating and because I am a lemming, it took very little convincing to actually get me to join in. So, here we are. As it turns out, I started participating in NaBloPoMo during it’s inaugural year in 2006 and have only skipped two years since then (2010 and 2012).

I’ve also decided to join in with Karen from Chookooloonks new endeavor – National Photo Posting Month (#NaPhoPoMo), so some of those photos may show up here as part of my daily posts, but in the meantime you can keep up with my flickr set of the photos here.

And now I should really get to that homework I have due this evening. Sadly, this data won’t analyze itself.