Where were we?

So. Last Wednesday I came home from work to grab my stuff for knitting & found the saddest Ziggy ever laying on the bed not feeling well. He normally at least purrs in my general direction when I get home, so when he didn’t even do that I decided to take him to the vet to get checked out & missed my knit night. Turned out he had a sad tummy (I will not bore you with the semi-gross details) and got put on antibiotics for a week.

Best Ziggy ever finished his antibiotics this morning. It wasn't super easy to get him to take them, but at least he never hid from me when it was medicine time.
(The adorable Mr. Ziggy after finishing his last dose of antibiotics this week)

As I was leaving the vets office, I made a follow up appointment to bring both cats in on Saturday for their yearly shots. I had an appointment to get the car looked at/fixed on Saturday morning, but figured I would be done no later than 2pm & have plenty of time to grab some lunch & then wrangle the cats for a 3:30pm appointment.

You should sense the foreshadowing in that last statement.

The car. My brakes were being weird & I was driving to Festus on Sunday, so I wanted to get things fixed before making the 60 mile round trip. Turns out the computer assembly that tells the car how fast the wheels are going was bad on the right front side. Additionally, the line that leads from the windshield fluid reservoir to the rear window was cracked & dripping onto said computer assembly. The computer part was way expensive, but it had to be fixed. The windshield fluid part is non-essential, so I decided to save a little money this month & get it fixed later.

People. I spent 5 hours waiting for my car. You would think I’d learn to bring more to do than one knitting project – I got bored working on it after like an hour. I ran down my phone battery. I still had to get the cats to the vet. At 2pm my car was less than a half hour from finished. At 2:40, it still wasn’t done. Turns out that the broken part was stuck to the axle & threw that out when they took it off, except the guy didn’t realize that until he had put everything back together. So he had to take it all apart & fix the axle, then put it back together. *SIGH*

Long story a little shorter – they gave me a rental car to take the cats to the vet, after which I could bring it back & get my car.

I should mention at this point that the only thing I’ve eaten all day is an Egg McMuffin I grabbed on the way there. At 9am.

I got home, wrangled the cats into their carriers, and zoomed off to the vet. I got there about 4 whole minutes before my appointment time, sat down with the cats, & tried to get Fiona to quit yowling at the injustice of being in a carrier. Then I noticed that she was patting me with wet paws. For the first time ever, she peed in the carrier. The one time I neglected to lay a towel or anything down for her. And the front desk staff was less than helpful when I asked when we’d get taken back so I could wipe it down & try to clean her off some. *SIGH* Luckily, a few minutes later the tech came out & got us & she was great – the tech took the carrier & rinsed it out, brought me a towel to dry Fiona off with, and even put a disposable pad in the carrier for the trip home JUST IN CASE.

So, appointment went fine and we headed home, where Fiona also got her first ever bath – when one is covered in pee, one must get clean. Naturally, I had no appropriate cat shampoo, so Fiona got bathed with some Yes to Blueberries body wash (it works quite nicely for cats in a pinch). She, of course, tried to escape the bathtub at every moment, but didn’t fight me quite as hard as I thought she would.

I FINALLY grabbed a little snack after Fiona was freed from her towel prison & sat down for 10 minutes, only to realize that I needed to leave to get the rental car back to the dealer & pick up my car before they were completely gone for the day. After ALL THAT, I got my car back & went home to collapse into a heap.

And just for reading all that, here’s a bonus (older) photo of Fiona Falafel. I’ll come back to share the family luncheon stories later.

YIP 326.365 Falafel!