A rant about “cake batter” treats.

Cake Batter Bars

Allow me a tiny rant, folks. The “cake batter” trend has gone too far when you’re calling cupcakes “cake batter cupcakes”. ALL CUPCAKES ARE CAKE BATTER CUPCAKES. THEY ARE MINI CAKES, WHICH ARE MADE OUT OF WHAT? CAKE BATTER.

Related, sprinkling cake mix into your rice krispie treats makes them “cake mix treats” and not “cake batter treats”. Cake batter has eggs and some kind of fat (butter or oil) in it. Cake mix does not.

I can’t say I’m not guilty of hopping on this train when I first saw it (although in my defense, there were eggs and butter in the cake batter bars I made) – sprinkles in stuff is great, but why not use “sprinkle bars” or “confetti bars” instead of “cake batter”.

Let’s eliminate the “cake batter” trend already, okay?


4 thoughts on “A rant about “cake batter” treats.

    • Can’t do it. I love pumpkin. I mean, in actual baked goods (I do not need the pumpkin lattes & beer & such, though).

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