Stash Knitdown Update

Once I decided to knit down the stash, I also decided that I needed to have a real heart-to-heart with it & only keep the things I love and/or that I have plans for.*

That means the Cascade 220 leftovers from various projects are gone. They’re never right for what I want to make, why are they still in my house? There is very little chance I’ll knit another Animal Crackers hat, so I don’t need those leftovers around. Other various remnants also made it into the bag that will go to Upcycle Exchange.

Yarn to send to Upcycle
The bin in front & bag are off to Upcycle Exchange. Goodbye, remnants!

Several things got listed on my destash page on ravelry & flew out of the house. A couple things got better photos taken & a funny destash post on the Plucky Knitter board and also flew out of the house. There are still several things listed on Ravelry (including TWO sweater quantities) if you are interested in taking a look (click right here). There are even a few discontinued Dyeabolical colors up there (Rachel keeps making such awesome stuff that I find it hard to keep up with her & I buy it all. MAKE ROOM FOR ALL THE DYEABOLICAL). My destash bin filled up, but luckily the bag full of remnants emptied another bin that I could add to my destash.

I do still have a tub full of sock yarn leftovers & I think I’ve found the perfect project for them – the Six’es afghan. I love the hexagons & this one is just worked flat. I figure I can do a hexagon when I need a breather from other projects & slowly work through the leftovers. This is going to be a VERY long term project and I already know that seaming it will take days, but I think it’ll be great when it’s done.

Now that I’ve cleared out some space, I feel like my stash is manageable again. Sure, I still have way more yarn than I need, but I can picture what I’ll be able to do with what I have instead of wondering what on earth I’ll do with that single ply yarn I don’t love anymore.

*There will not be weekly stash updates, but clearing out the stash was what I did a few evenings last week & it was cleansing.


2 thoughts on “Stash Knitdown Update

  1. Good luck! If you hate seaming as much as I do, consider a mitred square project. You can use up lots of small bits and weave in ends as you go. I’m halfway through an afghan this way, hope to post to ravelry soon.

  2. Dang and I keep adding to mine… Its possible I’ll be crocheting the crap out of yarns for cat beds now that i found a pattern I love. I have a lot of stuff to take to upcycle but can’t get my tush over there.

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