Knitting Tip: Make 1 Right, Make 1 Left

We interrupt my regularly scheduled evening of knitting to bring you a knitting tip.

The make 1 (M1) is a very useful knitting increase – used in many a pattern. Most of the time, I just do an M1 without worrying about if it’s right leaning or left leaning, but I found while I was working on my Color Affection (a while ago) that it made a difference in how it looked on garter stitch, so I needed to pay more attention.

If you’re anything like me, though, you find yourself always looking at the pattern to remember which way the stitch should go on the needle for a M1R compared to a M1L. Even doing it repeatedly, I would find that I couldn’t remember it until one day when I noticed a simple little thing that’s the perfect trick.

(Apologies for the less than great pictures – it’s hard to knit & photo your hands at the same time.)

You want a right leaning increase with the M1R. The directions tell you to pick up the bar between the stitches using your left needle (picking it up from the back), then knit through the front.

When you place the bar on the needle to make the right leaning increase, the BAR LEANS RIGHT.

Look at the stitch on the end of my left needle – it’s that bar I just mentioned and IT’S LEANING RIGHT. LOOK!

Then just knit that through the front:
M1R k




This time, the directions tell you to pick up the bar through the front and knit it through the back.

When you get the stitch on the needle, IT LEANS LEFT.


Look again at the stitch on the end of my left needle – it’s LEANING LEFT.

Then you knit it through the back loop.
M1L knit


Figuring this out has seriously changed my knitting (and even my life) for the better – I don’t have to constantly flip the pattern to read which way I’m supposed to pick up the bar now. It’s so exciting that I just finally had to take some photos and share with everyone.


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  1. Total genius! I saw this in the side-bar on Ravelry and HAD to read it. I LOVE this tip, thank you so much :)

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