FO: Handspun Hitchhiker

When I went on vacation in July, I expected that I would need several knitting projects to keep me entertained. As it turns out, I needed something super easy as to not tax my brain, having worn it out during my six week SAS programming class earlier in the summer.

Hitchhiker on the deck

I nearly finished the handspun portion by the time we left the shore and by the time I got on the plane to head home, I had moved on to the contrast band. It wasn’t long after we got home that I bound off and picked up a different project (though it did take me a month to get photos and I still haven’t actually blocked it).

Hitchhiker the Second

In the last year I’ve realized that I need to have something fairly easy on the needles at all times now – there are days I just can’t talk and think about what I’m knitting at the same time. The hitchhiker scarf is a perfect project for those times, though once I get towards the end I do get a little antsy – the rows get kind of long and I start to wonder how long the single ball of yarn will last before I break out the contrast color (or second ball if I have one).


I took the opportunity to get photos when I was at Mindy’s recently & got one of my favorite models to pose for me (the other favorite model was once again so excited by the prospect of clothes that he couldn’t sit still long enough to model. I think Simon might be part house-elf.)

Hitchhiker the Second

I love how this looks in handspun – the simplicity & the squooshiness of garter stitch really let the yarn do the talking here.

Brief details:
Hitchhiker by Martina Behm
Yarn is Sunshine BFL fiber, spun by Kim, in Ancient Runes, contrast was Plucky Knitter MCN Fingering in Nicholas & Alexandra.
For more info, project page is here.