Operation Knit Down The Stash: It’s time…

I was gathering up yarn that had become strewn about the house this weekend – yarn that had been reclaimed from various projects or yarn that was just out because I thought I was going to start something with it (please tell me you do this, too).

As I was putting the yarn away in it’s proper bins, I realized that there’s just too much of it. I need to take a yarn buying break and work from the stash. Not where I just think “oh, I don’t need this yarn”, but where I actively don’t buy yarn for a while.

I realize that my stash pales in comparison to some, but it’s starting to get a little overwhelming for me – I buy without a pattern in mind and sometimes I buy not quite enough for the project (especially the frenzy that is a Plucky Knitter update).

Rachel “flashed” her stash the other day and I was in awe of how little there was to flash. This is my yarn corner (not pictured is my tub of sock yarn remnants that’s hanging out in the living room):
Yarn stash corner

Granted, there is one box designated as a destash box, things in it aren’t moving out of the house so much. The large box on the bottom contains my sweater quantities of yarn, of which there are eight (which according to friend Rachel and friend Selena is a reasonable amount of sweater yarn to have). But the rest – it’s not even the full skeins that overwhelm me. It’s the partial ball of this, half ball of that leftover from various projects.

So, I’m doing a little house cleaning/yarn dieting. For the next 6 months I will buy no yarn. These are the rules/exceptions:

  1. I have yarn already on it’s way here. Some of that may go back out on destash, but it’ll still show up on my flickr stream and in my Ravelry stash at least temporarily.
  2. If it happens that I need to knit a baby gift, I am allowed to purchase for said project if I can’t find suitable yarn in my stash.
  3. Sock yarn totally counts as stash.
  4. People can gift me yarn if they so desire.
  5. Can still “shop” using my “will work for yarn” job.
  6. If I need yarn to complete a project, that’s okay to buy (this does not mean go out & buy yarn to match something I have to make a bigger project, but if I legitimately am running out of yarn I can buy more).

I think those are the big ones. The other thing I’ll do is go through my stash & either destash or donate (to Upcycle Exchange) things I don’t love. I know my partial balls of Cascade 220 are headed out the door – they take up a whole bin themselves and they are never actually the colors I need or want when I reach for the wool.

The real object of this is to get a handle on what I’ve got that I love and want to work with and what I’ve kept around just because I think I might figure out what to do with it someday. Plus the more I knit with what I’ve already got, the less yarn I’ll have being sad that it isn’t something useful yet.

I think that should about cover it. Operation Knit Down The Stash starts NOW.


7 thoughts on “Operation Knit Down The Stash: It’s time…

  1. I like your rules! I need to do something similar! But as I type I am thinking of running to the yarn store to buy yarn for something I have in mind! Maybe after today I will join you in the “Operation knit down stash!” :-)

    • I realized after I posted this that some of the things I REALLY want to make will now have to wait for 6 months because I don’t have suitable yarn in my stash for them. Ah, well, not like there aren’t plenty of other things to knit. :)

  2. I’m on a yarn diet for a year, but I still acquire some when people de-stash to me. And my stash is way smaller than yours. I keep saying I’m going to knit up the smaller balls into blanket squares. I actually need to do that.

    • I was going to do it for a year, but I thought that I might be setting myself up for failure that way. I’ll see where I am in 6 months. :)

  3. I appreciate this post. I was able to show Chris and prove my point that I really don’t have THAT much yarn. Not in comparison to some….I did also point out that YOU don’t have a lot of yarn compared to a lot of yarnies we know. :)

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