A little bit of this, a little bit of that

It’s been a bit quiet since I got home from vacation.

There has, of course, been knitting. It’s mostly of the secret variety at the moment, though, so nothing I can share yet.

There SHOULD be some researching going on for a possible manuscript come fall semester, but I’ve been quite enjoying not having to think too much outside of work (especially when I spent a week teaching myself a semi-complicated statistical analysis for a work-related manuscript).

And quite a lot of losing myself in the Harry Potter world. Mindy wisely planned & started an HP reread this summer, so I decided to join her in that. I’m currently on Prisoner of Azkaban (which was my favorite book of the series, though I’m not enjoying this re-read as much as I thought I would – I’m actually looking forward to moving on to Goblet of Fire, which is my least favorite & thus I usually stall out on rereading the series at that point). It is, as Rachel said, the world we get lost in when we need to get lost. Not that I need to get lost, but it’s a good break from the insanity that is working full time and taking doctoral level classes.

Speaking of Harry Potter, have you guys seen the Interweave Knits Unofficial HP Knits issue?! I couldn’t wait until it got into my LYS (sorry, guys) and wound up buying the digital version. I seriously want to knit half the things in that magazine.

There has also been a lot of this:

Oh, and there were these:
Yay Rainier Cherries!

And some of these for a work potluck:

And the Monday (yesterday) where I came home from work to no internet, cable, or phone service. I made the best of it & baked cookies while watching my Scooby Doo DVDs. (They came by to fix it tonight. Apparently my line was marked with the wrong building/apartment #, so it got shut off – I’m guessing when the guy who just moved out turned off his service.) Annoying, but I still had my phone so I could keep up with email and twitter. How did we survive outages before smart phones?

So, that’s life from here. A lot of random thoughts wrapped up in one little place.