Shore Vacation Part 5: An Ode to Mustache Bill’s Diner

Mustache Bill's Diner!
Apparently the place to go for breakfast on Long Beach Island is Mustache Bill’s Diner. They’re known for their pancakes, which were delicious, but for me it was all about the french toast.

French Toast

This stuff was so good that we went back a third time during our week on vacation just so Mindy & I could eat some more of it.

In addition to the deliciousness that was the french toast, I tried scrapple.


I’m still not really sure what it is, but it tastes sausage-like, but the texture was weird. I was not a fan. Apparently I should have tried it with maple syrup, but I’m not sure it would have helped.

The corned beef hash, though, that was delicious.
Corned Beef Hash

Like I said before, we ate well on vacation, including our 3 trips to Mustache Bill’s for breakfast. Mmm, french toast.


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