Shore Vacation, Part 4: Snapshots

A few of my favorite shots from vacation.

Night on the Bay
Evening on the Bay
The sky in the evening was so pretty. I love the way the colors in this one look, with the lights reflecting & the sun not visible, but not quite completely gone.

Knitting on the back deck
This Hitchhiker was the only project I worked on while we were there, even though I had brought others. It was a little too humid to do much knitting (because the yarn kept sticking to my hands), but I got quite a bit accomplished.

Sarah wants to jump in
Sarah was so ready to just jump right in the bay. She loves the water, this girl.

Walking in the backyard
Mindy & Sarah walking in the backyard.

Swans in the Bay
Swans swimming in the bay.

Sunset, final evening of vacation

There is one more vacation post coming next week, but until then you can see more photos from vacation here.