Shore Vacation, Part 3: An ode to seafood

One of the things on my Life List is to eat seafood cooked just moments after it’s been caught. And while we did not manage that on this trip, we ate a lot of really good and really fresh seafood, grilled by Mindy’s husband. We ate well during vacation, y’all.

Swordfish & mushrooms   YUM
There was delicious swordfish & grilled shrimp, along with super sweet corn and grilled mushrooms.

There were scallops wrapped in bacon.

There was salmon & steak for my birthday (which I failed to photograph).

And then on our last night, there was more grilled shrimp (and swordfish).

Everything was really delicious – way better than the frozen stuff I usually wind up with at home, and knowing the fish was swimming around just a day or two before we bought it was kind of amazing.


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