Shore Vacation, Part 1

I have returned home from a week away at the Jersey Shore on Long Beach Island. It was lovely, but I’m happy to be home. Believe it or not, I have been somewhere with more humidity than St. Louis.

Note: I wrote most of this post after waking up our first morning there.

Day 1: Traveling.

I had to take two slightly bumpy flights to get to Philadelphia, where Mindy & Eric would meet me to go the rest of the way to the shore.

In St. Louis, I noticed the Tornado Shelter signs on the bathrooms – have these always been here or is it new since 2 tornados have hit the airport in the last couple years?
At Lambert Airport

I also saw Miss Gay America 2013 getting off the plane that I would be getting on. He was wearing a jacket with the title on it – he was not in full makeup or apparel (although how awesome would that have been on a plane! Sparkly dresses! Outlandish makeup!) I’m guessing doing an appearance for Pride weekend & further research tells me that the Miss Gay America 2014 pageant will be held in StL in October.

Flight 1 was St. Louis to Atlanta.
I’m pretty sure Delta puts crack in their mini pretzels they serve on board because those were the best pretzels I’ve ever eaten. Maybe it was that my stomach just needed some carbs to soak up the extra acid from our bumpy ascent through the clouds. Also, if the plane starts to hit some bumpy air when you have a drink on your tray, maybe pay attention to it so you don’t wind up with tomato juice in your lap like the girl that was sitting next to me. This was also the first time I’d been on a flight where they actually announced that someone had a severe peanut allergy & they would not be serving peanuts (I thought most airlines had already stopped serving peanuts anyway). They also asked us to refrain from eating anything that contained peanuts or peanut butter.

I spent a couple hours in the Atlanta airport, where I took a second dramamine and snacked on fruits and cheese. I have to say that the Atlanta airport has some excellent food choices. I dreaded having to take off again, as the landing in Atlanta was bumpier than I like. I hate flying.

Flight 2: Atlanta to Philadelphia. This one was actually fine, though there were still a few bumps taking off. Also, why is it that the plane is so freakin’ warm until you get up in the air but once you’re there it’s like you’re in an icebox? Ugh. And more crack laced pretzels!

Once in Philadelphia, I picked up some philly pretzels & went to find a place to wait for my ride. Hung out near baggage claim, read some Harry Potter, ate some sandwich I had grabbed in Atlanta (good choice since a lot of the Philly food spots were closed already), and tried to relax while killing time. Unfortunately, for the first 30 minutes or so I was waiting, there were guys on motorcycles just outside the baggage claim area & they kept revving their engines. The smell was less than pleasant & the sound was annoying.

It was about a 2 hour drive to the shore & we were all exhausted by the time we got here. It took me a while to wind down, but the breeze blew into the bedroom off the bay & I snoozed away for a good 6 hours. Then the birds woke me up – those bastards.

Seagulls on the dock

Most of the week was spent relaxing on the back deck, reading, occasionally knitting, and eating delicious foods. There will be more about those parts of the trip later this week (along with much better photos). :)


2 thoughts on “Shore Vacation, Part 1

  1. Hysterical post today! I’m with ya sista’ on the airsick issue! ARG! I’m not on the side of the one person who has the peanut allergy. Maybe that was all I brought to eat on the plane because I don’t like or can’t eat pretzels. Before readers get all discombobulated about my views, I do sympathize about the severity of such allergies, but I am not for ordering everyone else to abstain for that one individual whether on a plane, school lunchroom or daycare.

    • I do understand the need to abstain from peanuts on the plane for someone with a severe allergy – since the same air is circulating through the whole plane, those peanut particles can travel. The last thing anybody needs is for someone to go into anaphylaxis mid-flight because of some peanut dust. :)

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