FO: Folded Sweater, again

A long while ago, I tried to wear my Folded sweater only to realize that the neck was far too big and wide for me to be able to wear it without sharing my bra straps with the world. Since I did not want to flashback to Flashdance, I discussed my problem with Ann of the smart knitting solutions and other accomplished knitters in my knit group. We decided that frogging back the yoke and re-knitting it on smaller needles would be the best solution given that I had only a smidgen of this one-of-a-kind yarn left.

Frogging the yoke of this sweater so I can re-knit it on smaller needles.
That was back in November. I frogged the yoke & got the sweater back on needles, then let it simmer for several months.

I finally picked it up again this spring & started knitting away. At one point, I tried it on & realized the front was exactly where I wanted the neckline to hit, but I still had quite a ways to go to get the shoulders and rest of the neckline to fit properly. After more discussion, I started knitting short rows back and forth, starting near the center front and going all the way around the shoulders & back. I decreased the length of them every couple stitches while still doing the raglan decreases for the sleeves. Once I got to the sleeve markers, I tried it on again & showed it to my knitting brainstormers, where they assured me I was going to be fine and yes, my idea would probably work. That idea, by the way, was to do a round to even out my short rows (knitting my yo’s with the stitches, as appropriate – I used THIS short row method) & then decrease around (k2, k2tog) before doing a few rounds of garter stitch (to keep the neck from rolling) and bind off.

This is what it looked like fresh off the needles, before blocking. The neck bind off was a smidge tight, but I decided to see if it would stretch some once I blocked the sweater before I tinked back and did it looser (last time I needed a tighter bind off, this time not as much). In the end, it fit just fine once I gave it a wash & block. WHEW.

Folded v1.5
And there you have it. A re-finished sweater. Folded v1.5, if you will.

Details about yarn (Dyeabolical!) and such can be found on the ravelry page here. :)


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