FO: Spattergroit Mitts

I have an actual finished knitting project, people! I spent a couple hours last week watching The Voice while I sewed on buttons and wove in ends on my Spattergroit mitts.

Spattergroit Mitts

I think I’ve mentioned previously that even though the pattern is called “spatterdash”, I keep referring to them as “spattergroit” instead.

Spattergroit Mitts

This pattern is perfect for a variegated yarn – this particular one is Dyeabolical Alter Ego in Katatomic. Such a great color. These mitts are just fun! I seamed the edge down on mine before I sewed the buttons on, as I knew there was NO WAY I’d go through buttoning them every time I tried to wear them.

Spattergroit Mitts

I would definitely make these again, although there are several ends to weave in on each mitt, which meant I finished knitting them WEEKS before I went about weaving in ends & sewing on the buttons.

Pattern: Spatterdash wristwarmers by Dagmar Mora (free on knitty), size M.
Yarn: Dyeabolical Alter Ego in Katatomic.
Needles: Um, I forgot to note which ones. I’m gonna guess it was a size 3 (or maybe 4) since I knit tight.
Ravelry project page. :)


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