Wibbly is totally a word

I am currently recovering from what has been a terrible sinus infection. If you follow me on twitter at all (or know me in real life), you know that I have been dealing with vertigo for the last couple weeks due to said sinus infection (or, as I have been calling it, “my head feels wibbly”). This is my first experience with sinus-induced vertigo and it has not been fun. Today I feel as close to normal as I’ve felt in a while, all thanks to the combination of drugs I’m taking to combat everything at the moment.

I took some vacation time last week with the intention of relaxing, knitting, sleeping, working on my homework, cleaning the apartment, and building my dressers. The only things I actually accomplished were the knitting and sleeping. Sadly, thanks to the vertigo, there was a lot of time spent staring at the television with knitting in my hands.

Before vacation, I found myself on the end of another sales call from Charter with a bundle deal that I finally couldn’t pass up – an extra $30 a month got me cable with a DVR and a telephone line. I could care less about the telephone, but CABLE. WITH A DVR. FINALLY I don’t have to be home when my shows are on. And I can watch The Voice next week while taping How I Met Your Mother! Cable was installed the first day of vacation & I spent the rest of the week watching far too many Friends and Big Bang Theory reruns and even the Scooby Doo live action movie.

I did get to do a couple of fun things while vacationing – I went to Green With Indie with Mindy & we shopped (like you do). I got some fun stuff – I finally broke down and got  some fun potholders from Squaresville (because even though I have the skillset to make my own potholders, I never will), I found 3 pair of earrings, and another skein of yarn from Rachel (I am terrible at yarn dieting).
Green With Indie

I also finally got to check out the Blue Plate Lunch at Farmhaus. While we were there, the producers from Bizarre Foods came in since Andrew Zimmern was going to be there later in the week. I’m not sure if we’ll be background on the show or if they were just checking the lighting, but there was a camera at the restaurant as we were finishing up our lunch.

And that’s how I spent my spring vacation. The head gets wibbly as the day goes on and the cats take advantage of me spending extra time laying on the couch.
couch cats


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  1. WIbbly IS totally a word. As is squidgy. I frequently use the word squicky. There are things that just make me feel squicky. Hope you’re feeling better! :)

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