In the Kitchen: Salted Brown Butter Krispie Treats

In an attempt to get all my recipes and cooking talk in one place, I’ll be periodically re-posting recipes from my time writing on the Kitchen Mirror here. In some cases I may update pictures & proof-read, but for the most part it will just be a re-posting of what I had there. The posts are not in chronological order – I’m trying to post holiday appropriate recipes near the holidays they go with & fill in others around them.

Originally posted January 12, 2010.

Over the holidays, I did a lot of baking. A LOT. I whipped out some old standards (Guinness Cupcakes, anyone?) and tried a few new recipes I found just for the various events I attended.
One recipe I trotted out for the family Christmas Eve gathering were the Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats from Smitten Kitchen.*

I love all things salty/sweet, so adding salt to rice krispie treats seems like it would be a no-brainer. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself.

I didn’t make any modifications to the recipe, although I’m not sure if I browned the butter or just melted it really thoroughly. I hadn’t browned butter before & I was terrified of burning it and ruining the whole batch, so I may have removed it from the heat a bit early. I did, however, sprinkle a little extra sea salt over the tops of the treats right after I pressed them into the pan.

Salted Krispie Treats

The treats were a huge hit at the party, although I wanted to eat them all myself. My cousin’s response to them was awesome. “Did you use salt or crack in these? Because I can’t stop eating them”. There were very few left by the time I hit the road to head home & I almost wish I had brought them home with me. Alas, I left them for the family.

Next time I make these (oh, yes, there will be a next time), I’ll likely try out this cereal instead of Rice Krispies – I just found out from Stef at Cupcake Project (via twitter) that Rice Krispies are harborers of high fructose corn syrup, which I’ve mostly cut from my diet. Stef also suggested the Erewhon version as a good substitute. As long as I can find good alternatives**, it’s easier to do than you’d think.

*I have so many of her recipes bookmarked right now it’s ridiculous.

**The holdout? Dr. Pepper. I can’t drink diet sodas because of the aspartame. I also remembered AS I WAS WRITING THIS that I was going to have friends bring me some Dublin Dr. Pepper (made with cane sugar!) from their trip to Texas over the holidays. Shoot.

Note: Since I originally posted this, Kellogg’s has quit using HFCS in Rice Krispies. I never did try the other crispy rice. At the family Christmas party in 2011, I did discover that Rice Krispies are NOT gluten free unless you get the ones specifically labelled “gluten free” – the original recipe contains malt flavoring. I’ve also given up Dr. Pepper since then, too. Twice.
Also, I have mastered the browning of the butter now. I love a good browned butter recipe.


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  1. Dr. Pepper is the bane of my existence, too. Except in the a.m. … then it’s my very best-est friend in the whole wide world.

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