In which I order spectacles online

I recently fell in love with a pair of glasses online. Angie had posted about her experience with Rivet & Sway and I found myself on their website looking at frames & pondering a new pair of glasses. My old specs were getting up there in years & even though I wear my contacts 99% of the time, I like to have a fashionable pair of glasses to fall back on in case of emergency. In fact, I had one of those “emergencies” just a few weeks ago when my contacts just refused to be worn & I wound up in glasses all day long.

While perusing the frames, I noticed that (sadly) my prescription fell outside the parameters for the metal frames, but that it was available in plastic frames. Since I’d fallen in love with a metal frame (and my nose does not like the plastic frames), I was sad for a moment, but then I sent a quick little help email through their website & heard back from Sarah that they’d be happy to give my script a try in the frames, but that she needed to check with the lab first. She suggested that I go through the process of the at home try-on to make sure I’d pick a frame I’d be happy with, so I did.

I uploaded a photo & answered a few questions to have Ritzy (the stylist) suggest a few frames that might work for me – even though I already knew which ones I wanted, I was curious if they would be one of the three she chose for me.

This was part of the email I got back from Ritzy – the Six Shooter is the frame I wanted to try the most (in the blue, even), so I immediately added that one to my home kit. Then for fun I chose the Spitfire (I kind of wanted to try on a plastic frame for kicks) and to be sensible, I chose the Six Shooter (again) in a copper to test the colors. I got my try-on kit in just a few days & tested out all the specs. The Spitfire was…not a good choice, to say the least. But the Six Shooter was a winner.

In the meantime, I went to get a current glasses prescription & had to make sure I got my PD measurement (this is not part of the prescription, but you NEED it to properly see out of your glasses – it tells the lab where in the frame to center your lenses so you can see). I almost felt like I was going rogue by asking for it – the optician said “they’ll take this when you order” and I whispered back “I’m ordering online”. She gave me the same look I’m sure I used if anyone had told me they were ordering online. But, Rivet & Sway have a satisfaction guarantee and GREAT prices*, so I figured it was worth a shot.

So, I had my frames picked out. I had my prescription & PD measurement. I made a call to the company to check on the lab question status. This time I talked to Carl, who answered my questions & had me email him my prescription so I could get my glasses ordered. Whee!

About a week (maybe less?) later, my new glasses arrived! Here was the test – would I be able to see out of them? Us high prescription types are hard to fit because we notice everything. I don’t know why that is, but it just is – I know this from when I worked in the business.

new glasses
Yes, I could see. (Not so much when I took this picture because I was still wearing my contacts, but without them, YES.) In the past few weeks, I’ve worn them working on the computer, reading, and knitting. They are fantastic. And after I’d had them for a couple weeks, I got a call from Rivet & Sway CEO John just checking up on the glasses & making sure I was happy with them. These guys have gone above and beyond in their customer service and it’s so great to have done business with them.

As they are still a relatively new company, they sent me a code for a $50 discount on glasses & said I could even share it with you guys. So, if you’re looking for new specs and want to try ordering online from Rivet & Sway, use the code KARASWAYS when you check out & you’ll get $50 off your glasses. The code expires on May 20, 2013.

A note about the lenses: one of the reasons I wind up paying so much for my glasses at a traditional shop is because I get high index lenses (this makes them thinner) and anti-reflective coating (it helps cut down on glare, which is something I need in my glasses). These two things and scratch resistant coating are included in the price of the glasses – you can’t beat that!

*Seriously – my last pair of glasses ran me over $400. These were under $200 with all the same bells & whistles. Less than HALF of what I paid for my last pair.

Disclosure: NO, I was not asked to use this service & then blog about it. I went through the process after other people who had received their glasses blogged about it, but I paid for my new glasses out of my own pocket and decided to write about them because of the excellent service I received.


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  1. Wow! This is probably the best review of the Rivet & Sway experience that we’ve seen. Thank you so much! And thanks for paying tribute on our personalized customer service! We believe that women should feel more beautiful in their frames and part of feeling beautiful is the ‘wondrous’ experience they have with Rivet & Sway. Your post pretty much nails it!

    Thanks much for putting your trust in us Kara!

    John Lusk
    Rivet & Sway CEO

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