In the Kitchen: Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Stew

In an attempt to get all my recipes and cooking talk in one place, I’ll be periodically re-posting recipes from my time writing on the Kitchen Mirror here. In some cases I may update pictures & proof-read, but for the most part it will just be a re-posting of what I had there. The posts are not in chronological order – I’m trying to post holiday appropriate recipes near the holidays they go with & fill in others around them.

Originally posted July 20, 2009.

This is one of those rare recipes that has made it into regular rotation in my kitchen. It doesn’t happen often, but this one deserves it’s regular place at the table. It’s also a recipe I originally got from SparkPeople, so it’s also healthy at about 200 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 15 grams of protein per 1 cup serving.

A while back I broke out my crock pot for the first time and busted out some yummy Chicken Taco Stew.
Chicken Taco Stew
I started with this recipe and made a few minor changes. Mainly, I used a can of crushed tomatoes instead of a can of tomato juice because I didn’t have tomato juice. And I went with a low-sodium taco seasoning because it’s good to cut down on the salt.

I actually prepped the corn, beans, onions, & seasonings the night before then put them in the fridge until the next morning when I added the chicken and turned the crock pot on.
Chicken Taco Stew
After I let it cook and get all mixed together, I sprinkled it with a little bit of cheese and garnished with blue corn tortilla chips. All in all, this turned out really good, although perhaps a bit too tomato-y. I’d definitely try the tomato juice instead of crushed tomatoes next time. :)


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