FOs: It’s Mitt-tastic!*

It all started when the Commuter mitts I made last year felted up & started pilling horribly. Then all my other fingerless mitts went missing and the ones I did eventually find weren’t thick enough to keep my hands any semblance of warm. So I had to do it. I needed a new pair of fingerless mitts.

I just didn’t need 3 new pair all at the same time.

The cashmere mitts happened when I saw someone post them on a ravelry forum. I had this lone skein of Plucky Knitter aran cashmere that had previously been mitts that didn’t fit, so I frogged them. But then the yarn sat for a very long time – what can one do with approximately 80 yards of yarn?

One Cable Mitts

The pattern is One Cable Mitts from blue sky alpacas. As I had a bit less yardage to work with than the pattern required, I made a few modifications to make the mitts slightly shorter, which worked out fine. These mitts are nice and toasty warm – perfect for those chilly days when you’re outside long enough to get cold, but not long enough for your fingers to freeze off. (ravelry page)

Then there were the scrappy mitts – or Scrappily Ever After, as I called them. These are more fashion than function, but I still have so many leftover bits & bobs of yarn that I keep trying to find things to do with it. I decided to make these fraternal twins just for fun.

Scrappily Ever After Mitts

The pattern for this is Happily Ever After Mitts by Susan B Anderson. The yarn for these was various bits & pieces of Plucky Knitter fingering weight yarns. Quite a few of these turned up in my Rayures, so you may see a few familiar colors in there. (That scarf, by the way, has been getting a TON of wear this winter. It’s warm & toasty, but not TOO warm and toasty.) I can actually see making these again with some handspun yarn or something that needs a simple pattern to let the yarn shine. (ravelry page)

Finally, inspired by our young Knit Nighter Madeline, I whipped up a pair of the Political Process Mitts out of knitty. Madeline wore a pair to knitting one night & we all ooh’ed and aah’ed over hers, so I needed a pair for myself. These are actually the mitts that started the fingerless party, but they were also the last finished because they were just a hair more complicated. These are my favorite of the three, though, and I feel they will probably get the most use until I wear them out.

Political Process Mitts

I made a slight modification to the pattern, shortening these for two reasons. One, I feared I might not have enough yarn for the longer version, as I was using the partial hank of tosh dk in Ink leftover from Sarah’s Sammie sweater. And two, once I started working on these, I realized they would be SUPER long if I kept going with the second repeat of the cable pattern, and SUPER long may have been TOO long. So I just eliminated the second pattern repeat & started the thumb gusset on the same row of the first repeat instead. (ravelry page)

Naturally, I finished all these as we were in a cold snap that required gloves or mittens to be worn at all times. Good thing I got some bright pink yarn from Rachel to make myself mittens out of. And of course, I have an idea for a lined mitten out of the eco wool leftover from my Twenty Ten Cardigan – how lovely would a pair of mittens out of that yarn lined with a cashmere blend fingering weight yarn be? They would be soft and functional (and great for making snowmen or snowball fights. Not that I do that, but yes).

*Yep, corny title. I could not help myself.