9 years and one day

It’s my blogiversary! Yesterday marked 9 years of writing in this space. And once again, I was reminded of the date when the Yarn Harlot posted her anniversary post. My response was “oh, crap, it’s my blogiversary!”

I think maybe that sentence kind of sums up my life lately. I keep forgetting what the dates are and, as such, missing things until someone reminds me of them.


There has been so much that has happened since I started writing so long ago. This is where I want to write something profound and insightful about what blogging has meant to me over the last 9 years, but I am not feeling profound or insightful at the moment. But this place has been a support system when I needed it, it has brought people into my life when I needed them (including BFF Mindy), and it has been a place where I can share things. It has morphed from talking about trying to get into graduate school to the current episodes of being back in graduate school. The blog was where I came to talk when my mom had her stroke & the following weeks when we lost her (the flowers up there were for her birthday – she would have been 61 last weekend).

It was here that I began to chronicle my attempts at re-learning to knit, followed by all the crafty pursuits since then (sewing, learning to crochet, embroidery, & starting to cross stitch again). Crafty things became something that keeps me sane. It’s been somewhere I probably shared too much when I was more anonymous than I am now (or so I thought).  Then there’s been the cooking and baking (SO MANY CUPCAKES). Of course, there are also the photos, dreams, letters to famous people, and sometimes ridiculous musings that are now better shared on twitter.

For all the random things I’ve written, I don’t have a niche blog – it’s cooking, baking, crafting, knitting, graduate school, and my life all rolled into one big lump of goo. Or something – it’s kind of like my life in general, without the really boring bits where I watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother when I’m too tired to think (and now my secret is out).

Nine years and one day here. I wonder what the next 364 days will bring.


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