In the Kitchen: Zucchini Bread (times two)

In an attempt to get all my recipes and cooking talk in one place, I’ll be periodically re-posting recipes from my time writing on the Kitchen Mirror here. In some cases I may update pictures & proof-read, but for the most part it will just be a re-posting of what I had there. The posts are not in chronological order – I’m trying to post holiday appropriate recipes near the holidays they go with & fill in others around them.

Originally posted August 25, 2008

I recently found myself with two large zucchini’s that I planned to make bread with. Only I realized that I had much more than called for by a single recipe, so my choices were to either make a double batch or to try a couple recipes out. I went with the two recipe option.

A little search on came up with many recipes. I didn’t want to go the traditional route, so I chose two that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.
The first is a Blueberry Zucchini Bread:

Zucchini Bread w/Blueberries

The only changes I made to the recipe as written were that I used frozen blueberries because I had them and I made two full sized loaves instead of the mini loaves. This meant, of course, that I needed to bake the bread a bit longer. I don’t know how long I actually baked it, but after an hour, I just checked on it every five minutes or so until my knife came out clean.

The verdict on this one: Yummy. The blueberries lend a tartness to the sweetness of the bread and they combine really well.

In the future, I’d probably use applesauce in place of the oil (this goes for the next recipe, too). I generally do this to make it a healthier baked good, but since I’m out of applesauce, I used the oil this time. The applesauce also tends to make a much moister baked item.The second I chose was actually the first out of the oven, so the first to get tasted. This was a Chocolate Zucchini Bread, recipe here.Chocolate Zucchini Bread
I modified this one a bit more to suit my own tastes. First, while the recipe called for almonds, I am not a fan of them in my baked goods. I love almonds, but they just don’t seem right for a bread or cookie. So I went with my old standard – pecans. I use them in pretty much any recipe that calls for nuts. Second, I didn’t have unsweetened bakers chocolate on hand, but I did have a Ghiradelli SemiSweet Baking Bar on hand, so I used 2 squares of that.
Again, yummy. This one is much sweeter than the blueberry bread, but still good. While it used the same amount of salt as the previous bread, I was able to taste just a bit of it in this recipe. So, in the future I’ll probably cut it by half or a fourth.
All in all, a successful night of baking.

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