In the Kitchen: Winter Minestrone Soup

Before I talk about this recipe, a note. I used to write on a cooking blog & recently started bringing those posts here because the blog had been dormant for a couple years. Well, the domain name for that blog expired recently and apparently somebody had not only been trolling our content, but snapped up the domain name & has posted all our content on that place. The old blogger blog is still active & Anne has been dealing with trying to get the copy taken down, but it doesn’t look good because the thief is in India. Anne has said this all much better than I could, but I echo the sentiment that the current blog at that address does not represent us and who we are. It irks me that this has happened, but I know that my writing is not going to be the next blog-turned-book deal. I just keep doing this because I like to have this place where I can come and talk about crafting, cooking, and my life in general, so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing here.

And now, on with the actual food:

I’ve been trying to limit my “in the kitchen” posts to once a week, but I did so much cooking and baking over the holidays that I’m starting to feel like I can’t keep up. Also, if I wait too long to post some of these things, it may delay  you discovering them and being able to whip up the recipe, just like this week’s pot of deliciousness.

Last week I happened to be catching up on my knitting blogs and saw a picture of this soup that Carrie/IrishGirlieKnits had made – it looked delicious and the cold weather has been begging me to put a pot of soup on the stove to simmer, so I knew I must make it this weekend.

Winter Minestrone

This soup, y’all. It was so good. And it made a TON of soup – I have 3 containers full of leftovers between the fridge and freezer. I had a second bowl for lunch today & will be having it again tomorrow. And the garlic bruschetta was a great little addition – I almost didn’t make it, but then there was a baguette staring at me when I was buying the other ingredients, so I did. YUM.

You can find the recipe here, though I will note some minor differences in my version:

  • I did not use pesto at any point, nor did I drizzle olive oil over my finished bowl of soup.
  • I used 2 cans of fire roasted tomatoes in the soup & I bet this would be even more delicious if you happened to have your own roasted tomatoes to use in the soup.
  • 3 stalks of celery did not make 2 cups diced – I used about 6 stalks (luckily I had bought extra!). I also used peeled baby carrots & just chopped them up because I hate peeling carrots.
  • I cut up about half of an onion & used that – I didn’t measure, but I would probably guess I had about a half cup of chopped onion.
  • I really was all about finding ways to cut down on my chopping because I’m dangerous with sharp objects (as it is, I sliced my finger a little), so I used pre-cut butternut squash, though I did have to chop it into smaller pieces. I also happened to find diced pancetta (I got the Boar’s Head brand at my local grocery).
  • I used dried thyme instead of fresh.
  • I used a garlic olive oil when making the bruschetta, which eliminated the need for a clove of garlic to season it with after they came out of the oven.

Anyway, final verdict is that this soup was delicious and will definitely be going in my “make again” stack. It’s also a great way for me to eat a lot of veggies since I’m bad about getting in my multiple servings per day.