In the Kitchen: Christmas Morning Monkey Bread

Last year I made my Aunt Norma’s monkey bread for Christmas morning, but it kind of went a little crazy in the pan while it was rising overnight. So this year, I still wanted a special Christmas morning breakfast, but wanted to try something that didn’t require the overnight rise.

Thanks to Pinterest, that wonderful time-sucking website, I found this recipe that used canned biscuits.

Christmas Morning Monkey Bread

I made the recipe as written, though I did find that I had to cook it about 25 minutes instead of the 15 the recipe says.

Christmas Morning Monkey Bread

These were delicious and super easy to make. I managed to eat pretty much the whole thing in 2 days, which might not have been the best thing. These would also be great for a breakfast or brunch potluck or even to share with the family on Christmas morning. I bet this would also be delicious with homemade buttermilk biscuits, but they are something I have not yet tried to master in the kitchen.