When will the madness end?!

Tiny white sparkly tree decorated!
This picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but white sparkly Christmas tree!

The season of mad crafting is upon us, people. I finished the last of my homework for the semester on Tuesday evening (YAY! – one doctoral program semester down!) and now need to craft like a madwoman.

I had plans, see. I was going to use the upcoming weekend to bust out the sewing machine and get those sewing gifts done. But then the work party invite came in for Saturday. And the knit group party on Sunday. So now, I will be frantically sewing during my spare moments next week (and weekend). I also need to find time to clean the apartment, which looks like a tornado hit thanks to the end of semester insanity. It would also be good if I could get myself to a Goodwill donation center to get rid of the stuff that is both in my trunk and apartment (though this may have to wait until just after the holiday when I’m off work for the week). Plus there’s the baking for previously mentioned parties. AND I’m still trying to meet my reading challenge for the year, but I have 4 books to read and 2 weeks left in the year to get them read.

That paragraph is the state of my brain right now. *deep breath* But it’s an organized chaos of sorts. I have 3 knitting projects I need to finish (2 of the 3 are very close to done), and then the sewing projects to worry about. The plan is 2 quick projects & one or two larger ones. The great thing about sewing is that even my larger projects can be finished in a couple evenings.

So, with that said, I’m happy to report that one of the nearly finished projects is Dad’s Christmas Socks. From last year. Which I will now affectionately refer to as the “Socks of Doom” because OMG ribbed socks are BORING.

Also finally with buttons, Sarah/Leroy’s sweater!
Full post and (hopefully) some modeled pics coming soonish.

Still on the needles are other secret knitting projects. And 8 other things that I’ve started at various points in the past year. I’m sure I’ll start more before those are all done, too. A monogamous knitter, I am not. Still, it’s nice to have time to knit without the deadline of homework looming.