Knitting update: I may need a WIP intervention

Most of my recent posts have been about food. I know. Now that I’m back in school, there just isn’t as much knitting or crafting to talk about. My sewing table has turned into a makeshift paper-writing desk for the rest of the semester. My knitting projects are moving more slowly (a severe case of “cast-on-itis” this summer/early fall didn’t help matters there). But things are moving.

Let’s talk about the knitting, shall we?

Current WIPs are many. The selfish knitting is mostly put aside for the moment while I concentrate on holiday crafting. I said I wasn’t going to do that this year. I lied. I always say I’m not going to do it, but then I do. Unfortunately, I can’t show you any of those projects yet. Know that there will be updates on them later. I am kind of amazed that I have these as under control as I do. I only have 3 small-medium projects that still need to be done for the holiday & two of those are at least haflway done. I do have an infinity scarf that I’d like to get done in time to gift for the holiday, but it can also be a happy January gift.

I am anxious to get back to knitting for me, though. I need more socks – I have two pair on the needles & my feet are cold. And I want my Dark & Stormy sweater done so I can wear it (I am still on the first skein of yarn – this will not be done super fast, people). And the neckwear – like I said – a brief spell of cast-on-itis hit me this summer. I cast on EVERYTHING.

Recently off the needles: Two super fun holiday projects I can’t wait to share. I love them both so much. Leroy’s sweater is also off the needles now, though it still needs buttons & blocking. I may find myself at Joann’s this weekend for buttons so that Leroy can wear this soon. :)
One kidlet sweater nearly done. Just needs bound off & buttons!

Back on the needles: My Folded sweater. I tried to wear it a couple weeks ago & the neckline is just too large, plus the pleats that should be above my bust wound up underneath it. I frogged back to the row after I had made the pleats/joined the arms & am re-knitting the yoke with smaller needles. I didn’t want to frog back any further because (a) I had to do the pleats 3 times the first time because of knitter error (this is why you always read the pattern all the way through) and (b) I didn’t want to have to re-join the arms again. that was a PITA.

Frogging the yoke of this sweater so I can re-knit it on smaller needles.

Up next: Cleaning up the yarn stash, finishing a few of the WIPs and more socks are on the menu until something shiny catches my eye & I need to knit it RIGHT NOW. That happens more than it should.