I had briefly toyed with the idea of doing NaBloPoMo this month. I thought it might jump start me into writing here more regularly (it has not done so in the past, I don’t know why I though any different this time). I’m glad I didn’t sign up – all it would have done is make me absolutely insane.

The first semester of the PhD program is winding down & I am feeling the strain. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break not only because of the turkey. Nope – that is 5 whole days away from work where I can hopefully knock out a chunk of the big final paper I have to write for one of my classes. Sure there will also be cleaning, knitting, and holiday decorating, but for once the big plan is to get to work on the paper more than 3 days before it’s due. Then there is a presentation on the big paper topic. And a mini-seminar to lead in my other class (along with a paper on said mini-seminar). But I’m all done by December 12, after which I have exactly 13 days to finish my holiday knitting/crafting. There may also be a good healthy dose of insanity in there, too.

The holiday crafting is actually going pretty good. I think I’ve got a handle on most of it & I’m not crafting EVERYTHING this year. There are just times now when I don’t do any knitting in the evenings because I’m doing homework. Sometimes I even wind up sitting with knitting in my hands and eyes glazed over while some nonsense plays on the TV in the background. So that’s fun.

How about some gratuitous cat pictures:
It's tough being a cat. Ziginator!

Aren’t they adorable when they aren’t being annoying?

What else? Ah, yes – since I last blogged, there was a big election. I stayed up too late because the results came in just as I was getting ready to go to bed & then I was able to breathe again. <insert rant about Missouri’s ridiculously low tobacco/cigarette tax here>

And…I’ve got nothing else. This semester has been a drain on my brain.


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  1. I also have times when I sit with knitting in my hands, eyes glazed over, but I don’t have anything like PhD program to blame it on. I call it listless. Or lazy. Whatever’s your fancy,

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