Final notes from the road*

*aka my recent dogsitting adventure.

The chickens got a lovely clean coop the last weekend I was there and also got to hang out outside for a long time. This one is Tobiko. Weirdly, they have changed their favorite nest box since the cleaning. No idea what that’s about. (Did I tell you about the spidery thing hanging out on the latch for the nest box? I had to squirt it with a hose so I could check for eggs, then I thought it had managed to jump on me somehow, even though that was a highly improbably possibility.)

Ziggy is trying to climb into the pillow case. Weirdo. :)
One evening I caught Ziggy trying to climb into the pillow case – weirdo. He does like to tunnel under blankets and such when it’s chilly (I think the upcoming weekend will be great for him), but not usually pillowcases.

Lacey is an Australian Shepherd mix that spends part of the weekend with Mindy’s neighbor. She is seriously the best dog. So sweet and not at all barky. Plus she loves everyone.

Actually watching the rain
The view Ziggy is going to miss – it was actually raining when I took this picture & he was not hiding somewhere like he usually does.

ROADHOUSE FRIES!! This may seriously be one of the most exciting things to happen recently* (the little things make me happy). Hwy 61 Roadhouse in Webster Groves has brought the waffle fries back, which means the Roadhouse Fries are once again everything I ever promised you they were. DELICIOUSNESS.

*Obviously not as exciting as Mindy & Eric getting a kidlet, but still pretty exciting. :)

The new family at the airport. After traveling for something like 22 hours.

And little girl meeting Simon the Wonderpup. :)


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