In the Kitchen: Roasted Tomatoes

As of yesterday evening, I have returned Mindy & family to their home and thus my dogsitting duties have ended for this trip. I slept in my own bed last night and it was so nice. Ziggy & Fiona are happy to be at home again (though Ziggy may soon miss the nice big window with the birds flying by, but he’ll recover).

While still at Mindy’s house, I experimented a little with some vegetables from the garden. It wasn’t a difficult experiment, but it did involve tomatoes (which rank near onions and peppers on the “things I don’t eat raw” list. There are exceptions to that with tomatoes that involve peak ripeness and sandwiches. But that’s it.) At knitting on last week, we talked  about gardening, vegetables, and the serious amount of tomatoes hanging out on the windowsill. Fearing that the tomatoes were all going to go to waste, Rachel suggested that I try roasting them.

I basically used this tutorial/recipe (thanks again, Rachel) and went to town.

Roasting tomatoes

I chopped them all into smaller bits (and didn’t slice my finger even once!) and added garlic & spices, then drizzled the whole thing with olive oil. I had two green tomatoes that were refusing to change color even a little bit, so I tossed them in there too, thinking I’d just see how it worked with those.

I let them roast in the oven for a couple hours and bam – roasted tomatoey goodness.
Roasted Tomatoes

I wish I’d had some more garlic cloves to use and roast as well, but I used what I had available.

Roasted Tomatoes on Garlic Bread
The next day I baked up a frozen garlic bread and ate that with tomatoes on top. Delicious!

What I loved about the roasted tomatoes is that it concentrates all the good tomato flavor and gets rid of any weird texture things that tomatoes can have. So next time I find myself with a ton of tomatoes, I know what to do.


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