gotta look over your shoulder constantly

Oh, hello there. We should have a chat sometime, really. Life has been a bit busy the past several weeks, though. So how about a quick update?

I’ve been house and pet-sitting for the past couple weeks, as BFF Mindy & her husband are in China picking up their daughter (!!!!). They will be home in approximately one week.

While they’ve been gone, I’ve taken a lot of pictures with my nifty little phone. (I realized earlier today that the camera on my phone now takes better pictures than my first digital camera did. This kind of blows my mind, as that camera was purchased about 8 years ago and technology has advanced enough that my PHONE takes better pictures now. What?!)

My cats have joined me in the pet-sitting insanity – they don’t like the car ride, but adjust pretty well when they realize I’m not leaving them there all alone. And Ziggy loves a fluffy pillow.

These are their "dinner time?" faces. Is not dinner time yet, though.
Simon & Riley always think it’s time for dinner.

Fiona Falafel
Fiona Falafel loves a good light reflection on the ceiling.

Harvesting veggies. No idea what I'm doing.
I had to call in reinforcements to harvest the veggies because I had no idea what I was doing, and then I forgot about the giant pepper plants on the back deck.

I harvested the garden again.
The second harvest went much better (yes, some of the peppers got harvested early – their plant is dying, so I went ahead & picked them so we wouldn’t lose them all).

Simon loves peoples
Simon loves peoples.

Ziggy & a window
Both my cats will explore the house a little given the chance – Ziggy heads for open windows, Fiona sniffs Riley and runs away. You know – cat things.

Bagel & Matzah
Earlier this week, I got stuck in the chicken coop sans phone or any way to get someone to come set me free. I was stuck with one of the chickens,  who started acting like she’s in chicken jail by pecking at the door to see if it will open (while the others made an escape when I opened the door). LESSON: Always have your phone on you if going into the coop for any reason. (This picture is actually from last year, as I haven’t remembered to take any current chicken photos this trip.)

ZIGGY TOE FLUFFS! I couldn’t resist. :)

Riley let me put sunglasses on him. Of course, then he couldn’t move because there was something on his head (that is the way he is). Simon also wanted to wear the sunglasses, but he was too excited about the prospect of “clothes” that he couldn’t sit still. Seriously. Simon LOVES to wear stuff.

Millie D
Millie D, rap superstar,  (real name Mildew. I started calling her Millie D & it became her rap superstar name, which works because Mindy loves the hip hop music) hanging out in the window. She does not like that I have brought other cats into her house (I think it’s really just because that means she can’t come visit me whenever she decides she wants attention because I have a baby gate blocking the guest room & my cats from the rest of the house and right now her favorite Eric has been gone for TWO WHOLE WEEKS).

Speaking of the baby gate…I had an incident with it Tuesday night. I was taking my knitting stuff downstairs so I could just grab it & go on Wednesday morning. The bag caught on the gate (which is almost too small for my big ass to fit through anyway) & the gate fell one way, I fell the other. Unfortunately, my ankle and foot were on the side of the gate that fell over and it shut on my ankle. It took me a minute to (a) realize what happened (yes, I fell over) and (b) extricate my ankle from the gate as previously mentioned big butt was sitting ON the gate. The ankle is bruised (though it’s taking a while to look like it – it just feels bruised & sore), but not seriously injured – no sprain, no broken bones.

And let’s not even talk about the power being off when I got back to the house from knitting last night. When it was already dark outside & even darker inside the house. With the barking dogs going crazy and me trying not to trip over things by using my phone as a light source. I will say that I now appreciate a backlit screen for reading books – thank you iPad.

Next week is fall break, so I have no classes to attend (yay!), though I do still have quite a bit to get done. The amount of reading that I’m doing for these classes – YIKES. I’m starting to think there was actually this much reading in my MPH program, but I didn’t do it (bad student), but am trying not to be that person now because I’m in a doctoral program. Also, I will be tested on this all later. In like 16 months.

I think that’s about it. There is knitting happening, which I will share soon enough (right now nothing is at an interesting enough place to share). There will also be other crafting once I’m back in front of my sewing machine (perhaps even next weekend). And the holidays are creeping up fast – I had said I wasn’t going to make the gifts this year, but I may do a few after all. We’ll see.