FO: A blanket for Leroy*

You may remember that the knit group recently completed a series of blankets for Kate who had a baby & moved away (though the baby was supposed to come after the move – he was just in such a hurry to get here!). Well, when we found out that Mindy & E were going to be getting their own kiddo, we got to work on another blanket.

Mindy, of course, knew something was up. We were able to keep the secret once, but twice seemed to be more than the knit group could handle. There was a series of events that gave us away, including Ann trying to throw money at me for the yarn during knit night, which led to me yelling at Mindy “DON’T ASK QUESTIONS!” when she asked why Ann owed me money. And then her mother said something, along with squares randomly appearing at knit night. Plus, there was the time I had the google doc open on my phone & Mindy used it to look something up (at least she has her own fancy phone now). Oh, and someone leaked that we were meeting up at Ann’s for something that Mindy wasn’t invited to. Worst. Secret. Keepers. EVER. (It’s a good thing we weren’t responsible for keeping the Potter’s secret – Voldemort would have known they were in Godric’s Hollow about 3 seconds after they got there. :P)


But the blanket turned out amazing in spite of our inability to keep a secret. We decided to go with the Color Block Baby Blanket pattern, though slightly modified to make up for us doing smaller squares with worsted weight yarn (we used Cascade 220 superwash). Full details are here.


Once all the squares were knit and blocked, we gathered at Ann’s house to seam it together (60 tiny squares crocheted together. I had no idea it would take as long as it did) and eat our weight in snacks and food (side note: I made this cereal mix & you should by no means try it. Especially not if you replace some of the Cocoa Puffs with Reese’s puffs. But if I can’t stop you, be sure to read the comments and leave out the butter). This time we picked Labor Day, as it was a day most folks would be off work & could join in.

Our blanket diagram.

Blanket layout


and more seaming…or resting. This was towards the end of the afternoon.

Once we were (mostly) done seaming, we left the blanket in Ann’s hands to add the border. Thanks, Ann!

We gifted the blanket on Knit Night a couple weeks ago & it looked fabulous.

Sarah's Toddler Blanket

Sarah's Toddler Blanket
And it matches Leroy’s room almost perfectly.

Yay! So, thanks to all our crazy blanket participants, who managed to put up with all my insane organization emails and still get their squares done – Monica, Siri, Lauren, Margaret, Ava, Davina, Rhonda, Kim, Kate, CheyOnna, Ann, Sharon, Jamie, Lois, Rachel, Selena, Agnes, Deborah, and Mike.

*again, not her real name, but I’ve grown attached to calling her Leroy.


2 thoughts on “FO: A blanket for Leroy*

  1. I didn’t see the phone document or the squares being tossed at knitting.. but i did hear hushed talking when I walked away once.
    Its great! Leroy and I thank you all.. oh and hubster, he thanks you too.

  2. I had fun, and I’m glad Mindy loves it. And I’ve also grown attached to calling her Leroy. And singing the song that always ends up stuck in my head after hearing or seeing her name.

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