FO: Rayures (Stripes 2.0)

You may recall that I was in love with some single row stripes once upon a time. Well, there’s a thin line between love and hate and I am fickle.* I kept seeing all these lovely Rayures scarves popping up on Ravelry – it seemed like everyone was making one and they were awesome.

I had stripes I didn’t like and new exciting stripes I wanted to make. Like I said, I’m fickle.

And how can you resist these stripes?! You can’t.

I finished knitting this on a Sunday, then proceeded to leave it behind at Mindy’s house after we caught up on our Doctor Who watching. I went to find it on Monday evening so I could graft the ends together & realized what I’d done.

Mindy threatened to sell it off to the highest bidder, but luckily it didn’t auction well. Nachos and ramen, people? Please. :)


The scarf is knit mostly from leftovers from other projects (including the Dipped Infinity Scarf that is also my current blog header), though I did toss in a couple other colors to shake things up. Turns out that I had A LOT of blue leftovers, so I needed a little more variety.


I am in love with these stripes & can’t wait until it’s cool enough for me to wear it ALL THE TIME.

And now I’ve started yet another striped infinity scarf, this one with Fibonacci numbers in a random sequence (well, the design was initially random, but now I’m copying the random sequence from the designer). That’s not the only thing I’ve started recently, but let’s not discuss my serious case of cast-on-itis. START ALL THE THINGS!!

There are more details on the project page.

*The problems were of my own making – I was holding two strands of fingering weight together to make a tube that I would then wrap around my neck several times. If I had gone up another 2 needle sizes, it would have been fine. But it was too heavy & started to hurt my hands when I worked on it.


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