Vintage Horror Movie Toddler Shower

As most of you know, BFF Mindy is adopting a little girl from China, so Shanon & I put together a “toddler shower” for her with a Vintage Horror Movie theme. Yes. A horror movie themed baby shower. Because it’s awesome.

Mindy’s neighbor opened up her home to all of us for the shower, which worked really well. I even thought to put a sign on Mindy’s front door directing people just in case they thought we were at her house.

Dessert TableI made the cupcakes – funfetti (one of Mindy’s favorites) and pumpkin pie cupcakes (recipe here)

Movie PosterWe decorated with vintage movie posters…

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes…and zombies (of course).

Brainzzzz!There was monster water and a zombie napkin holder. (the monster labels & cupcake wrappers were part of a kit I purchased from Spaceships & Laser Beams).

Sock Monkey from MargaretAnd presents – many hand knit or made.

Kitschy MovieWe even had a vintage horror movie playing in the background – I think this one was about some evil disembodied head that killed people. I don’t really know. It was on mute.

We also had a group project – we used inkodye to sun dye fabric squares (see an example here), which I will be turning into a quilt for Leroy* at some future date. Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures of the finished squares (also, my square totally came out lame ’cause all my stuff blew off & it’s a solid square with one leaf print in the corner. *sigh*).

*Not her name.


Movie Poster


zombie headband

Kara, Mindy, Shanon


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  1. The bow was awesome, as was neighbor’s house. After telling Natalie all the way home how much I loved the house, she finally asked me to shut up. Great party, awesome presents, amazing speed knitting friends.

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