In which life happened and I wanted a nap.


The past couple weeks have been. I have no word for what they’ve been, but it was something.

  • My Uncle Cliff passed away last Thursday, so Sunday & Monday were the visitation & funeral. I’ve been lucky that my family is full of pretty awesome people, Cliff included. He was a great person & will be missed. (This probably deserves it’s own post, but I don’t have the energy to write it.)

Moving on to other things:

  • The stripes up top are coming along swimmingly, though I’m considering ripping back the most recent “neutral and” section because I’m not entirely happy with the way it looks. I might go with the blue & green striped together, then bring in the neutral to finish off the green. I’m pondering.
  • This week I had orientation for my doctoral program, along with a minor panic attack when the graduate office told me I had a total of 7 years to complete my masters & doctoral degrees combined. 7 years of which I have already used 4 for my MPH. Nobody in their right mind can complete a doctoral degree in 3 years, especially not while working full time. Luckily, my panic was alleviated yesterday during the doctoral orientation. I may wind up having to pay for additional dissertation hours to take more time, but I’ll have to be okay with that.
  • Related to my return to academics, I upgraded my mac earlier this week. The OS change from my older mac (~4 years old) to Lion/Mountain Lion has made me want to scream and rip out my hair. I have found myself extremely frustrated with it, so much so that I might have ranted a little too loudly about it at knitting on Wednesday. The learning curve for previous mac user is a little steep, in my opinion. I don’t need my computer to be an iPad with a mouse, y’all. I am slowly getting used to the changes, at least.
  • Also related, I will be purchasing my first rolling backpack/laptop bag this weekend. This will make my back and shoulders happy, though I have some weird mental block about using a rolling bag (which I totally shouldn’t because shit is heavy and I really don’t need to be carrying a computer on my shoulder(s) for 30 minutes a day).
  • Finally, I managed to tweak the muscles in my back about 2 weeks ago & I keep thinking it’s feeling better, only to turn ever so slightly in the wrong direction and almost hear my muscles scream. So that’s fun (and yet another argument for the rolling laptop bag). And, unfortunately, I’m not able to see the amazing Dr. F until Monday.

(The nap mentioned in the title? I feel like I’ve needed one for about 2 weeks now. Also, some jackhole was trying to visit my neighbor at 1am last night & proceeded to wake up the entire building by knocking and leaning on the buzzer to his apartment. UGH.)


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