FOs: Family Blanket(s)

Knitting friend Kate, who you may know from such escapades as the 12-hour shawl or the 5-day knee highs, is leaving us to move off to that crazy town of Los Angeles for a year, after which she will be living on the other coast. As she was also gestating a lovely little baby boy while preparing to move, the Knit Night crew got together and made her a special Dyeabolical family blanket, as well as 2 small baby blankets.

I should start at the beginning…

Last fall, Kate requested a special Dyeabolical yarn with which she would be doing something fabulous. As it turns out, Kate requested the perfect St. Louis yarn because it accidentally matched this book about St. Louis (found at Knitorious) PERFECTLY.

Okay, fast forward to February, when we knew that Kate & Jeff would be leaving St. Louis this summer and we had just found out that there would be a tiny one arriving soon after they moved. The group decided to knit them a blanket, at which time we started throwing out yarn ideas. One of the first things we said was that it should be Dyeabolical because I’m pretty sure Kate is Rachel’s biggest fan. Then we came up with the idea that it would be cool if we could do semi-solids that would match Kate’s special St. Louis yarn. Rachel wasn’t sure she could recreate the colors, but lo – one day she showed up at knitting and held up the yarn. And it was the perfectly perfect right colors.

At the same time, we had decided to do some blankets for the Hoopling and went with some washable and bright acrylic yarn (Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it, either). As the baby was gender unknown, we just picked out some bright rainbow colors.

Time went by, we all knit on our squares, somehow managing to keep the secret that we were all working on this big project. Finished squares were passed off to Kim & Rachel in secret and collected. Plans were made for seaming and gifting. Plans which would soon be interrupted by Hoopling. But I’ll get to that.

On July 3 (My birthday, as well as Margaret’s), several of us who had the day off work gathered at Ann’s house to do all the seaming. All the excitement of food and yarn just tuckered Monty & Bacon right out.
IMG_1130 IMG_1135

But the rest of us soldiered on, laying out squares, deciding on the layout, taking pictures so we could remember our decision when seaming went crazy (which, let me just say, taking the pictures was probably my BEST idea all day. We referred to them often. OFTEN.)




Once we had everything laid out in the dog free zone and had eaten enough to keep us from gnawing our arms off, we got down to work seaming.



And, yes, weaving in all those ends. So many ends.



And then, after a few hours, we had seamed blankets. Bam!


After everything was seamed up, Ann got to work on a knitted border for the Dyeabolical blanket, while Margaret and Kim worked on crochet borders for the baby blankets. I…went home and got ready for my birthday dinner.

The plan was to deliver the blankets at Kate’s last visit to knit night, scheduled for July 25. Except that Simon decided to show up early, which put a kink in our plans. As Kate was unable to attend knit night, we hoped that a way would present itself for us to get her the blankets before she left. But it wasn’t until early last week that it became imperative that we arrange the hand off soon, as the family would be headed out of town within a week. The whole plan came together (quite quickly) on Sunday with a few emails, texts, and phone calls. Rachel, Margaret, & I were able to coordinate so I could collect the blankets & I drove over to the Hoops residence on Sunday afternoon to deliver the goods.

Kate was completely surprised that we had planned something for her, much less more than one something. And the infamous Roxie had to make me her new BFF as soon as I walked in the door.

Infamous Roxie

(You can see Simon’s cute little head – he was snoozing in his wrap while I was there.)

I believe this is where Kate kept saying “I can’t believe you guys did this for me!”


While I did a mini photo shoot on Kate’s chair (thanks, Kate!), I asked… “So, Kate, do these colors remind you of anything?”
Kate: “They look really nice with my living room…”
Kara: “Yes, but…”
Kate: “Oh! They’re the colors of my [St. Louis] yarn!”
Kara: “YES!”

So, y’know, that was all good.

Car Seat Blanket

Simon’s blankie

I love it when a plan comes together. And, believe it or not, there are more pictures of the process and end result here.

We will miss you and your super fast knitting, Kate! Travel safely & visit often. :)