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My knitting mojo has nearly deserted me. I don’t know why – I want to knit, but I don’t want to work on anything I have. I have a queue a mile long and a yarn stash out the wazoo. I want to cast on for ALL THE PROJECTS right now, but then having them all on the needles would make me insane. According to Rachel, this is what happens in the summer. Summer is for casting on new projects, she said, and then in the winter, you finish them all. This is logic that has totally worked on me, as last night I started another sock.

Luckily, I was able to finish this cardigan before the ennui set in. When the yarn arrived on my doorstep, I found myself cruising around Ravelry looking for a pattern. Goodale jumped out at me and, queue be damned, demanded that it be knit RIGHT NOW. I had plans to cast on for a different cardigan using different yarn when that happened, but it all worked out in the end.


I’ll also be attending a conference for work very soon and this little sweater will, I think, be nice to toss on if I get a little chilled at the conference during the day. Of course, if I get too chilly, I’ll be wishing for something with long sleeves to wear with it.


I quite love the fold over pockets (look! pockets!) & the look of the i-cord edging, though the edge did cause me a bit of a headache. It wasn’t difficult, but I was knitting with hand-dyed yarn & couldn’t figure out where to alternate skeins at the top since I couldn’t alternate on the edge. I figured I would be fine waiting until I had the sleeves on scrap yarn & could alternate along the side ‘seam’. Unfortunately, it took 2 skeins to do the top & the third skein was just enough darker that I could tell. I’m going to pretend it’s an intentional ombre effect. And if anyone says anything about it, I’ll punch them in the nose.


Pattern: Goodale by Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Yarn: Plucky Knitter Primo Sport in Fat Fish Blue, 4 skeins
Needles: Size 8
Started: May 5, 2012. Finished: July 10, 2012 (actually finished knitting on July 1, but then took me another 9 days to block it & add the buttons, etc.)
Mods: I added an extra set of increases along the front to make it longer (around 11″ unblocked). Folded over the fronts & knit stitches together (kind of like a 3-needle bind off) to make pockets instead of sewing them down after blocking. Seed stitch border on the bottom & sleeves. Tacked down the fronts with matching yarn so they won’t flop open randomly.

Overall I’m quite happy with how this turned out – I wasn’t sure it would work on my body shape, but I like it. I think it works well for a night out or just as a casual sweater, too. And it fits well now, but also seems like it would work well if I was a bit smaller, too. I do love a cardigan for that reason. :)


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